Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday at the Marché...

...plein de soleil! *

We are drenched in sunshine this morning, which always dresses up the outdoor market and struts her out in her Sunday Saturday best.

Kris, from la reportiste asked yesterday what the temperature is during these autumn days.  To that I would say, "Far milder than usual at this time of year!"  Today is in the lo- to mid-60's (That's Fº.  It seems much cooler in Cº, as that system puts us in the mid-teens.)

Enjoy the market with me.

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday.

*  full of sunshine
Would shopping at La Fourchette count as a "Small Business" on 26 November's Small Business Saturday?  Why not?!


Kris said...


Beautiful photos! I want to scoop them all up. I wouldn't be able to select just one bunch. Your weather sounds wonderful. It is cooler here today...we never know what to expect when we get up! HA


donna said...

weather's not so nice here....rainy day....but dinner and a movie with oldest son and wife-to-be will make the day the first pic

la Brocanteuse said...

Bonjour Leslie,
how I wish I could be there...lovely images once again. Enjoy the meal with all the fresh market finds today. have a lovely Sunday
Colette ~Aftique du Sud

la fourchette said...

donna, what a lovely way to spend a not-so-nice day! hope it was great...and thanks!

Colette, thanks...I am soooo spoiled with my daily fresh market finds! bon dimanche à toi, aussi!


la fourchette said...

Kris, I know...I always feel that way at the marché every season. (Not sure how this comment missed the first publish...but it seems to have popped up late out of the cyber-ethers.)


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