Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mardi Meteo

Looks a little hazy out there but the temps are surprisingly mild for November in these parts. 

Did I mention "Il est arrivée!"?  The beaujolais, that is. 

Yes, that's right.  Just after 'strike season' in early November comes the arrival of the new beaujolais, a Gamay wine that is released just 6-8 weeks after its harvest.  One wine critic refers to it as being 'like eating cookie dough'...which is to say, not one of the region's finer products and certainly not up to the standards of long-in-the-barrel, artfully made wines.   

The glass I had the other evening to accompany a couple of slices of gooey mozzarella-topped pizza - tasted very good.  Okay...it was a bit fruity, but there was enough ummph to balance the unctuous cheese-topped pie.  That aforementioned wine critic is right, as often the beaujolais is, what we might call in the 'hood, 'plonk' - but this wine was enjoyable enough. 

Perhaps it's just a very good year for beaujolais.


PS:  Today is Bodhi's birthday!  He's a rompin' five-year old now.

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donna said...

joyeux anniversaire Bodhi! <(-'.'-)> .....could put that beaujolais to good use this week....never mind the refinement......the chiro dislocated a rib on accident.....'nuff said

Mary said...

Glad to see you back on your blog Leslie !
Bodhi will be spoiled today ! Happy birthday to him !
Soon you'll be able to write in French ! Great !
Bye !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bodi! I hope your master will fetch you a nice bone to chew on or perhaps a few extra treats.

You've heard the saying, "No wine before its time". LOL It sounds like it was good with the gooey cheesy pizza even if it wasn't supposed to be.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bodhi!
Meow, Sheba & Salem
(AnnMarie's cats)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bodhi,

We love you. You are a little prince and very cute and loving. We hope you get lots of great presents and wonderful things to eat, with lots of love, exercise, and attention.

Bubba & his person

Ann Knickerbocker said...

We used to crowd into our wine store in New York when the Beaujolais Nouveau came in! Thanks for the reminder... it must be an item West-Coasters love, too... we'll look for it!

And Happy Birthday to Bodhi; is there any wine for him?

la fourchette said...

donna, aie! (that's ouch in these parts.) feel better soon...and cheers!

Mary, merci bien!

Kris, the French toss all of the rules about fine wines aside for the beaujolais! I think it's more for the fun...perhaps timed perfectly to celebrate the end of strike season.

Sheba and Salem, merci mes amis à fourrure (furry friends). Bisous back at you!

Bubba and DSK, merci - c'était une très belle journée!

Ann, Enjoy - Santé! (no wine for bodhi, little teetotaler that he is.

Merci mille fois à tout le monde for the lovely birthday wishes for bodhi here, via email and facebook.


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