Thursday, November 03, 2011

Did You Catch the French Collection Card Launch?

Yesterday's stealth launch may be easier to find with these magic glasses...

See it now?

Right up at the top, under the curve of the fork, you'll see the link:  Shop French Collection Notecards.

Now do you see it?  Drag your cursor up there and click.


Four, count 'em, four selections of note cards now available for purchase!

Themes for these initial sets include:  summer, autumn, black and white and holidays.  Starting in January, a new set will be available each month.

Need more information about these lovely cards?  Here's what Ann Knickerbocker, winner of the summer "Fork It Over" give-away, had to say about her prize:

"The cards are really beautiful! The photographs are perfect (I am going to have particular trouble sending off the coffee cup from Nice) and the size is generous, meaning I won't have to spill onto an extra piece of paper when I write... They are gorgeous."

Shipping is included!

More items to come so plan to check back!

Enjoy your Thursday...



donna said...

congrats on getting the site done...that's an accomplishment in the autumn images

la fourchette said...

donna, whew! thanks for the encouraging words. i finally called in the professionals - errr...*one* particular professional who walked me through it and did some magic html stuff to make it all work! he made it all look so easy...always good to know when to call for help.


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