Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mardi Meteo

I teased my friend in London while I was there about the weather.  "What are you Londoners always complaining about with the weather??!  It's lovely here!"

Of course, I know well that this city can look pretty grey and dreary day after day but she sparkles when the sun is out and the skies are brilliant blue.  I was lucky.  Each day was beautiful!

A walk along the River Thames path took me to the Tate Modern museum.  (I love the feel under my feet of their soft wooden plank floors.  That's not the only thing I like about the Tate Modern but it deserves mention.)  In front of the museum, a pedestrian bridge spans the river. Commonly known as the Millennium Bridge, its proper name is the London Millennium Footbridge - which says it all.

I stepped on in front of the Tate Modern....
The Millennium Bridge in front of the Tate Modern
...and stepped off on the other side, just a hop, skip and a jump from St. Paul's Cathedral.  (More about the cathedral tomorrow...)

The Millennium Bridge view toward St. Paul's Cathedral

The weather back in my own 'hood is a bit cooler (but not much - we're not donning mittens yet!) with hazy sunshine.   Lovely, really.

And you?



donna said...

cloudy but warm....76 today.....i like the sharp angles on the first photo....and the captured bird......

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! I love the dove! Here it has finally turned cool...I mean cold! High here is in the 50's. I guess I've gotten a bit thin skinned since moving to Texas and having such hot temperatures. When we finally do get cold weather I can feel the cold in my creaky old bones! I've taken to wearing socks to bed!!!LOL LOL


la fourchette said...

donna, ohhh...lovely. and thanks. the bird was a serendipitous catch! (how's your rib? hope much better.)

Kris, Thanks...with a curtsy. Socks to bed, huh?! I'll bet they're quite stylish given the goods in your shop!

bonne nuit tout le monde!

Anonymous said...


Well, of course they are! Was there ever any doubt?



la fourchette said...

Kris, made me laugh out loud...and then think to myself: "why no. There was never any doubt!" ;}

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