Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lordy, Lordy!

Wait 'til you hear...

Long story short:  my Blackberry (boo hiss!) sizzled and sputtered to a blank screen staring back at me mid-call yesterday with no resuscitation possible. 

Not that I really wanted it resuscitated, mind you -  I've been waiting for this moment! 

As my current contract ended yesterday, I made a beeline down to my neighborhood phone store to plunk down my pennies saved for a new...yes, you guessed it - iPhone.  (Thank you, Mr. Jobs...and everyone at Team Apple.)

In the current vernacular (which I am loathe to actually use unless the situation calls for it - and this is one of those situations): o.m.g.

I think I'm in love.  Look:

No...not ringin' your chimes?  Something a little to say? ... 'Blues Brothers-y'?  How about this?

Oh, I know, I know.  I'm still figuring it out but ... but as I said at the start, "Lordy, lordy..." 

I'm a very happy girl.  Even the goofing around is off-the-charts kind of fun.



Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

In July I got the iphone4 and an iPAD2 3G. Using the iPAD with Skype to Europe is exceptionally fun, clear, and useful. Then there is Facetime too. With email (not texting charges) the Verizon charges per month with $11 for insurance for the iphone is $109 for both. Not cheap, but worth it. I trust you got the iphone 4s. I checked and have to wait until my 20month contract expires or pay another $430+ dollars now to change over and that includes the $200 they will give me for the iphone 4.


Bubba's Person

Anonymous said...


Once you get used to your IPhone you won't want another. I got one last year about this time and once I started using it I was addicted. I use it for everything! At first it was a bit daunting but I plugged along until I figured it all out.

Beautiful photos...especially the first one...I think I'm in love with that photo.


la fourchette said...

BP, I see you bit the Apple, too! ;} 'Exceptionally fun' does seem to say it well. We have the same limitations here as far as changing contracts - which is why I was so happy for things to line up so fortuitously for me! The day my contract ended, I *had* to get a new phone! And I knew just what I wanted - I'd been drooling over them as I did the research for the past few months. Now all that's left is updating my software on my Big Mac to be able to sync up the iPhone and use it to its capacity. woohoo!

Kris, you, too, huh?! Wow! I know exactly what you mean about the addiction part! It had me at "install"! (and thanks...I know. That first one charmed me, too. I think the relationship between me and this iPhone character looks promising.)


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