Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mardi Meteo

See what I mean?  Balance is not on the horizon this week!

Dusk in the newer part of this old ville...and don't get me started on those lights!

But more rain is.  Fortunately, there was a duck somewhere in my ancestral lineage so it doesn't ruffle my repellent feathers. 

What does this mid-November day offer in your 'hood?


The first orders of cards have been sent out!  wooohooo!  Get a jump on your holiday shopping here!


laura said...

The colors are so beautiful in that photo!
It's ridiculously foggy here.

donna said...

I see you've got one vibrant mojo working there!!!.......my eyes woke up quite rapidly this morning....actually, love the blue thrown in....i know where this was taken.........today in my area in the upper 60's

la fourchette said...

laura, why thank you, m'dear. hmmm...fog creeping in on little cat feet?!

donna, my mojo is definitely set to vibrant at the moment. (That's actually not far off from how it looked last evening.) By the way, since you know where this is: the tourist office has just (as in two days ago or so) moved into the spacious building that is just behind this store...if you follow the photo mid-left side and go straight back - you'd be in the spankin' new tourist office! I've no idea what they'll do with all the space - you could set up six bowling lanes in there at the moment! ;}

Temps dropped here today - blown in on a whippin' wind.

bonne nuit à tous - leslie

Anonymous said...

Very bright colors in the photo!!

It was partly cloudy here today and warm BUT a change in on the horizon!! Rain tonight with falling temperatures. Still waiting for fall/winter.....


la fourchette said...

Kris, ya think?! Bright colors, that is. ;}

Temps still falling here! brrr....it's finally happening! woohoo!

Gianni Mattera said...

A composition attractive and pleasant, for colors and contrasts. Supported by an excellent detail. Well exposed to light, which gives harmony and warmth to the frame. Very beautiful. My humble opinion if you allow me, I would have framed the person in the foreground a little further. To have a silhouette, perfectly defined. But nothing takes away the emotion. Excuse my English. compliments

la fourchette said...

Gianni Mattera, Your comments are lovely (and very much appreciated!), your suggestion about the silhouette is excellent, your English is great and your site is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping in. I welcome your feedback whenever you have a moment to visit again.

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