Friday, November 04, 2011

Little World Views

Signs of autumn in our fair ville. 

Enjoy your Friday!

Are you counting the shopping days?  
Check your list for Franco-philes then ask the elves 
at La Fourchette to get to work on a card order for you.  
They're friendly and pleasant and I love having them around 
(even though they sing constantly)
so let's keep 'em busy!  


Cynthia Maniglia said...

Artsy cool photo! I am starting to holiday shop, little by very little.

déjà pseu said...

Love the light, the tone of that photo! It captures the feeling of autumn so well.

Carla said...

HI Leslie,, congratulations on the cards.. Yippeeee.... so exciting.. Have a great weekend.. Carla

Anonymous said...


Have a great weekend, Leslie.

That lil' leaf looks so forlorn sitting on the window of a car. Sigh..a sure sign of colder weather ahead.

Tamsie said...

Just placed my order. I felt like I was walking down the streets of Aix. For those of us set up with Pay Pay in English - the log in screen populates in French until you enter your login & password. Then the screens go to English. But shopping seems to transcend language issues. Thank you for making it so easy.

la fourchette said...

Cynthia, merci...I can't even believe the holidays are just around the corner! wow! I turned around and it was November!

déjà pseu, thanks so much, pseu! That little vignette captured me as well on my way back from the park. (so nice to see you!)

Carla, bonjour - and thanks!

Kris, with temps still mild here (in spite of some serious storming going on for the past few days) autumn seems to be sneaking in with a few dry leaves and that's sign of cooler temps...yet!

Tams, wooohoooo! merci beaucoup, ma belle! It was my brilliant website angel who made that so easy! His gig will be added to my links - he's a really valuable resource for all things web/tech related. Merci encore!!

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