Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little World Views

This autumn gold of this neighborhood tree (shimmering even in black and white) has been stolen by a couple of local bandits:  the recent storm and a cold wind that whipped through this evening.  Ahhh...but it was lovely while it lasted. 

Did you suspect another disappearing act?  Nahhhh...just a really busy day.  I'll be back with a little something for Saturday in the morning and we should be all caught up.



déjà pseu said...

I love the mood of this photograph!

Kris said...

How cold is it there Leslie? It is turning cooler here too but we still have warm days then really cool days. It hasn't gotten down cold and stayed cold YET! I'm still waiting.

Have a lovely weekend.


la fourchette said...

déjà pseu, thanks! I love black and white for that very reason...moody and timeless.

Kris, mid-60's. So weird for this time of year! Lovely weekend wishes right back at you!


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