Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mardi Meteo

Place Richelme, Aix en Provence

Bain du soleil*!  That's what we are currently experiencing. 

Layers of clothing are being peeled off as spirits rise.  I can absolutely *feel* the difference in the streets...or maybe that's just me peeling layers of clothing off as my spirits rise.

We are looking at temps around 70ºF today (21ºC) and the leaves on Cours Mirabeau's plane trees are popping out eager to prepare themselves to protect us from the warmer temps to come.  I, for one, welcome it all!

And you?  Pray tell what's happening in your 'hood?


* Bath of sun (literally)


Deborah said...

Back to grey with spit-spots of rain here in UK - but a glorious spring day in London yesterday for a walk through Hyde Park!

Love the photo and your description of spirits lifting.

laura said...

Cold and gray skies today :(
But when my parents were here (sunday and monday) it was nice and sunny for them! I'm glad I got to show off my city in full sunlight.

Lesley said...

Beautiful day here in Bordeaux too, so it was definitely the wrong day to wear new knee-high boots in to work.

donna said...

it's about 70 degrees today....early morning fog, that burned off late morning.....a pretty typical spring day here.....today is my dad's 89th birthday...we did sushi.....

G said...

Today wednesday april 6th, in Florida,Sun and Wind !
Weather is nice : 81 F(27 degres celsius)! I walked along the beach in the beginning of the afternoon and some people were sunbathing and others were swimming in the blue ocean. Birds also in water and pelicans in the air! Happy your spirits rise with springtime ! I like your description of the plane trees on Cours Mirabeau. And what a beautiful name for a tree ! Like a plane, leaves can glide !
But now their leaves are popping they'll look nicer and nicer and spirits will rise more and more !
Hope so !

Emily said...

Glorious, sunny weather in Pebble Beach. We had a great family picnic on the beach. Now the wind has come up and there are white caps all the way to the horizon. Glad things are warming up for you in beautiful Aix.

Char said...

i'm working hard and meeting on the project. monday i fly to chicago for meetings.

i need a break.

glad you're enjoying the spring!

Carla said...

Oh it looks gorgeous.. It is wonderful in Paris too. Carla

la fourchette said...

Oh my goodness! I'm a bit late to this party! Thank you all for the reports of the meteo in your 'hoods! I'm so pleased to see you all.

Deborah, spirits continue to lift here! The walk through Hyde Park sounds lovely.

laura, how nice to have your parents visit - and that the weather did it's best for them.

Lesley, you're enjoying the same sweet spring, it sounds like. No, no...never the wrong day for knee-high boots, you stylish thing! Unless they were rain boots...and then...not so stylish as temps rise. ;}

donna, sounds lovely...the weather and the sushi! Happy belated birthday to your dad.

Mary, ooohhhh! Swimming in the blue ocean...sounds delicious. Enjoy!

Emily, a picnic on the beach sounds wonderful. Hope you enjoyed it before the wind kicked up!

Char, Bon courage! And good luck in your meetings!

Carla, I love Paris in the spring...who doesn't?! I'll be up there in June. Hope the weather stays sweet for that!

Thanks again to all. Mardi Meteo tomorrow!


ira said...

We are in Kitty Hawk North Carolina for a week, then to Va. for a week. The weather has been in the low 70s but rain for the next several days. We miss you!!

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