Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Window on Provence

Just around the corner from me is this family-owned Provençal restaurant...

...embodying all of the essentials to nurture the romantic ideas of life in Provence.  I walk by this place every day on my walk with Bodhi.  In recent weeks, we've gone from 'winter straggle' to 'spring splendor'.

I'll take it all.



Anonymous said...


What a beautiful photo! It looks so lush and green. It's hard to imagine that it doesn't look like that all year round.

Hope you had a great day!


donna said...

It's not exactly spring splendor here yet...It's more like "overclouded april"......but in unison with you "I'll take it all".......

Emily said...

That photo makes the heart of any romantic beat a little faster. I certainly can picture walking my own little white dog down that street.

Mary said...

Yes a lovely green picture ! Beautiful white windows !!
Hope I can leave my comment !
With the feed it doen't work for me !
But I have an abonnement with La Fourchette now ... I think so ! I must leave my computer now !The weather is nice today in Miami !
Bye !

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