Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race to the Finish!

The final brocante we race through to finish the series.  I got distracted yesterday with a wander through the market, a trip to the butcher, a stop at a little kitchen this and that store to get a new market basket (on wheels!),  a stop at the wine cave to pick up some celebratory champagne for a friend's birthday and finally, the epicerie to get some pita bread.  Whew!  That's the way the errands roll around here. 

I remember reading some ex-pat forum or other before I moved here in which one of the participants was complaining (bitterly) about how in France, she was having to go to six different places to pick up things on her 'to do' list.  She was really missing the convenience of the one-stop shopping in the US - not to mention everything being open on Sunday.  That little detail is one of the reasons yesterday was spent engaged in errands:  I've grown quite accustomed to everything being closed on Sunday...but for the marché and the wine cave (go figure!).   Frankly, it's one of the many things I love about this place!  I really enjoy having to wander around to collect the things on my list.  I really enjoy having a chat with my butcher - who knows me!  I really like that the people at the epicerie know who I am and recognized yesterday that I actually was ahead of the pushy (but very well-dressed) woman who was ignoring me and trying to get served ahead of me (as her husband was in line behind me).  I like that.  All of it.

Here's our final wander through the brocante fair.  Enjoy!

...and it won't be long before I'll be needing to tuck one of these lovelies in my bag to have handy at all times!

Bon dimanche à tous!


Anonymous said...


I am wondering what the second picture is of? You know, the one with the hands hanging out of something?

I like the fans...very pretty.

I don't think I would mind going to get the items on my list from different places. I too, like the idea of being recognized as someone who frequents a place and can have a choice in the amounts I can get something in i.e. bread, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Everything is fresher.


donna said...

i LOVE the fans........

la fourchette said...

Kris, those are door knockers. I love the juxtaposition of these two. (And the vendor was very nice - he thought my accent was Swedish.)

donna, thanks! Me too! I'll bet you'll be needing one of these when temps rise in your 'hood as well.


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