Monday, April 11, 2011

Emerging from... preparation.  Whew!  Done.  As I sorted through stacks and files and wore my favorite pencil down to a nub doing calculations, I did think of you all!  Those calculations are all now in the lap of my accountant and I can tackle the French taxes...does it never end?! 

Let's start here:

Remember a handful of weeks ago when I posted a shot and said, "Watch those trees..."?  And then just a week or so later, there was this shot:

Well, take a look at it now!

Our spirits, frozen by a long winter, get a lift when the leaves pop out on the plane trees along Cours Mirabeau.  Better than any anti-depressant on the market (okay...that may be an overstatement.  But you get the idea...),  the energy being emitted as those leaves push their way into the world is palpable...if not least for me.  The energy of a world being reborn. 

In coming days, this elegant canopy will be in full splendor and ready to shade us during the heat of summer.  I wanted you to enjoy it along with me so I brought you along on my walk last evening.  Above, we're at the top of cours Mirabeau, taking the long view down toward the fountain at La Rotonde. 

Then we wandered through the brocante fair.  Lined up on the left-hand side of this grand passage, a few dozen antique vendors spread their wares on a regular basis.  I find their goods a bit overpriced but their vignettes charming.  I also find them all to be quite good-natured about allowing me to shoot photos. 

There is something about forks that always draws me.  Wonder what that's about?  (*wink, wink.*)

I'll share more of that brocante fair through the week so stop in during the days ahead to see what else you enjoyed!



Char said...

it is amazing how nature works, one week bare branches the next covered in her glory.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Leslie,

Glad to see you are back, I missed reading your posts. The Boulevard is so lovely. Isn't it amazing how nature works? In the winter the leaves don't just fall off they are pushed off ever so gently for the next round to come. The only shade of green I love the shade in nature. (I have this aversion to green I guess because in the 60's everything was avocado green. Now, I'm giving away my age HA)

I am looking forward to your photos of the Brocante Fairs. I love old and worn things with a faded and yellowed patina. I also love antique silverware. Some websites sell it by the pieces i.e. forks, spoons. I am always interested in the history behind the silverware. Where it came from, who owned it, and the story of how they had it.

Hope you week is good. I'll be back.

Et Salut,


Marguerite said...

Oh, how beautiful. I will be in Paris for Easter weekend. Looking forward to some spring beauty in the city. Provence and the countryside is on my short list for travel destinations. Shall I come for a quick visit, lol?

donna said...

finalizing taxes here on this front today....never a fun day.....i remember walking under the plane trees on cours mirabeau...... it felt like the street had it's own personal sun parasol.....

la fourchette said...

Char, hope all goes well in your in your travels this *was* this week, non? I absolutely *adore* that leafy miracle that happens each year! You are right: beautiful!

Kris, thank you, m'dear. This thing that Nature does each year is amazing, indeed. Especially for a California girl who thought winter meant trading jeans for shorts - but both with flip-flops! (Okay...perhaps a little overstatement...but you know...) Oh, the stories I've told myself with fantasy histories of mis-matched silverware! Do you have a few hours??!

Marguerite, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this splendid weather continues for your sejour en Paris! I hear it's been really lovely up there, too. I'm not one to use the word 'glorious' but it's about the best word out there to describe what's happening in these parts! Yes, you need to put Provence on your short never know who you'll bump into when you do!

donna, 'finalizing' - that is the key word! yay you! I *love* walking under that canopy! I have since the first time when I was traveling here. Something that seems brand new each year. I worked a bit out of town today and drove through some of those lovely old allées one passes through along the back roads in Provence. They are in the early stages of creating their leafy tunnels as well. All seems right with the world when this is at work!

Thanks to all for stopping in! I'm so pleased to see you're all still there! Tomorrow is 'meteo' so be prepared to share...I may post a bit late as I'm hoping to have a special report for you!


Mandy's Kidding said...

Wow! Spring has definitely sprung!

Kitty said...

Hello Leslie!
It's so pretty, the Printemps in your part of France, just as it is here en Bretagne!
We have rhododendrons bursting into colour right now, and yes, it is indeed 'glorious'.

Bisouxxx from Kitty

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