Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fork It Over Give-Away, Part Deux (The Rules of the Game)

The post for the Fork It Over Give-Away was written some time ago, when my ducks were still obediently lined up and eager to march along to any and all orders I might have presented to them.  (They are very sweet ducks and aim to please.  We’re a good team.)

With the quick click of a button, I published the post as planned and kind of thought the process would take care of itself for a week or so.  That click happened to coincide with the very moment the ducks, ahem, fell out of line and started wandering all over the place, taking my concentration with them.

Here's one of them now.  He does look a bit disoriented, doesn't he?   
Let’s keep the Fork It Over Give-Away simple:

All participants can have up to two chances in the hat.

One chance per person for leaving a lovely comment on the original post (and yes, I’ll include any comments that end up here as a result of anyone else’s ducks playing hard-to-get at the moment.)

A second chance for anyone visiting another blog in the blogosphere and introducing yourself as a visitor from La Fourchette (either from one of My Favorite Peeps followers in the right hand column or any other blog that strikes your fancy.)  Then come back here and leave a message about where you visited.  (Thanks, Deborah, for such a great idea for sharing the love!)

Of course, for those of you who have already left a comment in Zazzle or Widget-lands, consider yourself already entered twice – no need to do more.

All comments must be posted by midnight, Wednesday, 27 April. 

Names will be drawn out of this hat and announced on Thursday, 28 April here at the blog. 

Bonne chance à tous…and thanks for your patience through the confusion.  I'll get this figured out for next time.



Mary said...

Yes he looks a little bit desoriented and sad but the duck is cute!
Welcome back !

Emily said...

In an effort to pre-program my newly installed Dish-TV to tape "the wedding," I lost track of the time. (and I'm looking a bit like today's duck at that, perhaps because of the distraction of a satellite dish the size of Montana now perched on my roof) You did mean the deadline for comments to be PDT - right?

Glad to have you back.

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