Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mardi Meteo

Gorgeous!  That's the forecast.  I'm talkin' 20ºC (68ºF) gorgeous.  My little soul has found wings (and apparently an operatic voice) these days.

Allow me to share the lovely with you.  How would you choose to spend your day?

Find a shaded café for a game of chess?

Or sit with friends in a patch of afternoon sunshine?

Listen to music in dappled light near the mairie?

Or is it laundry day for you?

However you spend your day, enjoy it to the fullest!  La Fourchette is thinking of you...in fact, she's wondering what the weather is like in your 'hood.



donna said...

it will be 67 today and cloudy....ugh....enough said.......it's the music hands down......how could one not stop, sit, and enjoy music outdoors....any kind of music....from birds chirping, to children playing, to orchestras performing.....it jogged my memory of when hubby and i were walking through St. Sauveur and there was a young student being tutored on the organ...i had to stop, sit and listen

Anonymous said...

It is partly cloudy and 83, high to be 93 with winds southwest at 20-30 miles per hour. While walking today the wind was so fierce that I took two steps back for everyone I took forward. LOL

Humm, I would probably spend my day outside, cafe creme in hand watching people...I could do this ALL DAY!

Happy Day, Leslie!

Emily said...

It's a bit overcast along the coastline in Pebble Beach. The golden California poppies have closed their faces in response but still add a splash of color to the scene.

I'd love to enjoy a bit of music with you by the mairie. Is the fellow who dresses as Cezanne still hanging around the square?

la fourchette said...

donna, hmmmm...may grey early or june gloom waaaaay ahead of time?! Music for you, huh? The streets are filled with such things. Just now, as the sun pours into the stone cold corners of our fine ville, the musicians begin arriving. Concerts ranging from blues to bossa nova begin to blossom in the streets as the leaves begin to push their way into the world. I'm right there with you...stopping for anything with a rhythm!

Kris, wow! Sounds a bit like our Mistral wind...except not so hot. I could easily spend a day people-watching and sipping a café crème!

Emily, your comment reminded me that when I first arrived in France, the little granny flat I had taken over faced the vast garden of the villa of which it was the bottom floor. Outside my little flat were 4 rustic steps that led to the upper garden level...and spilling over those stone steps? A throng of California poppies to welcome me 'home'!

So lovely to see you all!


Char said...

quite warm and sunny when i got into my car after work today. :)

Sara Louise said...

All this gorgeous weather has really been lifting my spirits! I call it Rosé weather :-)

la fourchette said...

Sara Louise, mine too! And you are sooo right! The wine is beginning to turn a rosy pink in the wine shops in the 'hood. Apparently there is a consensus on this being the start of "Rosé weather"!


la fourchette said...

Char, more good news from yet another 'hood! Thanks!


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