Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mardi Meteo

Get this!   21ºC  (70ºF)   Ever so lovely in plain, old English.

Can it get any better than that?  Well, yes.  Yes, it can!

I thought you might enjoy seeing the wisteria around my little ville (and a little ville just out of Aix) so I went shooting this morning just for you!

The scent is absolutely heavenly!

And you?  What's the day like in your 'hood?



Carla said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for treating us city types to all that gorgeous colour. Paris is looking pretty good herself. A little cooler today. Carla xxx

donna said...

Dear Mardi Meteo, i am reporting in from Orange County CA......it is going to be 69 degrees today, AFTER those lousy coastal foggy clouds roll away......i was wishing for a little more sun, and a little less CLOUD......but sure beats 4 days ago when we had a 20 minute hailstorm, and my poor tomatoes got pelted

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the fabUlous shots of wisteria. It is beautiful. Glad you are having nice weather.

It was 55 degrees and sunny here this morning when we went for our morning walk with a high of about 79. We have a nice breeze to go along with it.

I took some pictures yesterday of a cacti and some irises in bloom and downloaded them onto my blog. So pretty!

Hope your day is a good one!


Anya adores said...

Hi Leslie, just stumbled across your awesome blog, and I LOVE it- Have alway had my heart set on France, after spending most summers there as a child. Reading what you get upto and seeing the images just make the dream of living there more pressing. I'm your newest follower - hope you come and see me sometime - hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too.O)
A xxx

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

It is perfectly sunny and warm in Del Mar today, at least 70 F, and probably will be for the rest of the week. But we do not have doors and windows and old streets like you. But we do have a beautiful dog friendly beach.


Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

Carla, a little fresh air from the provinces for you up there! (Shortly after I posted today, the little hint of breeze that had ruffled the feathered wisteria developed into full-blown gusts...with a chill! I had a suspicion we were not quite through with cool temps yet!)

donna, received and noted! Thanks for beaming in your report from the shores of the Pacific. Sounds lovely. But hail! Yikes. Poor tomates - save them for sauce if they end up too beat up for a showy appearance in a salad.

Kris, brrrrr...those morning temps are brisk - and perfect for walking! I'll check out the spring shots from your 'hood!

Anya adores, Welcome...and thanks for stopping in! Join the table whenever you can - just to say hello or nourish that dream. I'll look forward to checking out your blog...thanks!

Bubba's Person, mmmmm...sounds delish...but then you have a good point: you do not have doors and windows and old streets like we do...and a very good point it is.

Ciao to all - and thanks for joining today's 'meteo'.


Emily said...

Your wisteria is lovely! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Carmel. Had lunch with 9 friends and the wisteria was blooming in my friend's garden as well. Wish the season for it was longer.

Char said...

i adore wisteria. i do. these are beautiful shots.

la fourchette said...

Char, oh me too! I caught this season *just* in time as in the days following, a big (and very cold!) wind blew through followed by a short but nasty downpour. I don't imagine much is left at this point. How lucky that we all got to see it before Mother Nature did her thing.


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