Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Fork It Over" Give-Away

Gather 'round, dear readers.  
Introducing La Fourchette's first Fork It Over Give-Away!, baguette and flowers not included.  But think of the fun you'll have filling this bag yourself!
After many requests to bring back some of the items that were available for sale back in the US (thank you! and yes, the note cards are in production), I'm offering a little give-away.

First up is a cotton twill market bag with one of the many popular images from The French Collection, started when I was shooting for Façonnable for their US marketing campaign. 

On that particular day, wandering through the outdoor market in Nice, I passed one artful display of produce after another.  At one stand, beefy tomatoes sat atop one another, piled high under a red and white striped awning, pungent local olives flecked with fresh herbs glistened as they swam in a bath of olive oil and brine, and then this charming display:  A crate of apples topped with a handful of wild flowers.  Of course, in the mix was our typical Provençal lavender and a splash of daisies.  Only the French can make this arrangement look so effortless. And *this*, dear readers, is one of the many reasons I am livin' my vida loca here.

This favorite French market image is showcased on the front of a 12-ounce cotton twill sac de marché Its wide bottom opens up flat, making it great for groceries or larger items.  The cotton-web handles have stress-point reinforced stitching. (Dimensions: 13"w x 15.5"h x 7"deep.)

See!  Folds up nice and flat for tucking under a car seat to have at the ready...or in the trunk...or in your bicycle basket to head to the Farmer's Market in your 'hood.
Share the love - for the planet and for La Fourchette.  Enter today to win this sturdy market bag and have it in time to load up with spring's bounty...or fill it with towels and books and head to the beach.

Two ways to enter the Fork It Over Give-Away:

1)  See that fancy, new widget over there in the right-hand column?  Yup, that's the one - Under all of those wonderful portraits of La Fourchette followers. (Wave hello as you pass.)  If you have a widget account (I say this because in order to leave a comment these characters at the widget site require that you join the club and I'm not asking you to do that), click on the teeny-tiny pencil to access La Fourchette's widget page and leave a lovely comment.  Then head back here and leave a lovely comment on this post on the blog as well. Voilà! Your name will be entered into the Fork It Over Give-Away.

2)  If you do not have a widget account, go to La Fourchette's snazzy new Zazzle shop and leave a lovely comment there.  Once you've done that, come on back to the blog and leave a lovely comment here as well.  And once again, voilà!  Your name will be added to the...yes, you guessed it:  Fork It Over Give-Away.

One comment per person on the blog, but do let it be known if you visited and left comments at both of the other options.  Seems doing both deserves your name going in twice.

You have until midnight next Wednesday, 27 April.  The names of all the participants will be tossed in a hat (a provençal straw hat, of course) and a winner drawn and announced on Thursday, 28 April. (I thought it would be perfect timing to announce the first-ever Fork It Over gift on my birthday!)

There you have it!  Let's have a little fun as La Fourchette gets her creative mojo cooking!  While you're busy leaving comments hither and yon, I'll be busy tweaking designs and planning next month's Fork It Over give-away!  There's more to come, believe me!  It's not all happening in the kitchen around here!

Bon chance à tous!



la fourchette said...

URRRRRRRRR....That would be the sound of screeching brakes! In checking my Zazzle link last night when I created this post, all was working fine and you landed with a simple 'click' right into the La Fourchette's zazzle-land. Today, errrr...there seems to be a petite hiccup. I'm working on it to get it straightened out. Patience...I'll post another comment when it looks like it's all good again. Fingers crossed!

Jane said...

Leslie, I did a simple click right to zazzle-land!

Jane said...

Leslie, I one-clicked to zazzle land so maybe it's working again!

Deborah said...

Well, I've just gone and introduced myself at Jill's lovely garden blog.

Cheers, Leslie! By the way, there's a Leslie in the Kate Atkinson novel I'm enjoying at the moment, and she makes a great point of battling the Lesley (for a girl) spelling over here!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I did this right BUT, I clicked onto the widget and added it to my blog and that my dear is fine with me if it is okay with you?

The bag is perfect to take when purchasing groceries and oh so lovely! I love the image!


P.S. Let's hope I did that right?

la fourchette said...

Okay, dear - not to mention 'patient' -'s what I can figure at the moment:

Apparently the widget folks are the Zuckerbergs of widget land and want you in their system before they'll allow you to access my widget page to leave a, you know, 'lovely comment'.

What's more, if you try to sign in to the widget site via Facebook, they ask your permission to access every last shred of information Facebook has on you before they let you in...and if you say, 'no'...then it's no dice.

I can't tell just yet but I have the suspicion we will meet a similar maze at Zazzle in terms of needing an account just to take a look around. This is a case of my ducks not being exactly lined up at the moment...more on that later. In fact, they're way more than just out of line...they seem to be wandering aimlessly all over the place.

For now, I'll take each of your lovely comments here on the blog as a single entry. If you managed to leave a comment on Zazzle or you posted a widget on your site, that obviously doubles your chance...or you did something else creative, I'll take that today, too!

I'll post tomorrow to clarify for the remainder of the week.

In the meantime, I'll use the extra wiggle room to figure out those pesky technological challenges that I usually delegate to the lined-up ducks. Damn those distracted ducks.

Thanks to all who've kicked this off...and for giving it the old 'college try', as my father used to say.

I'll keep you updated...and then fill you in a little about those, errr...wandering (I swear, some of them have gone AWOL) ducks...


ps: Jane, did you already have a Zazzle account? And thanks so much for keeping us posted with your landing. Very helpful.

Kris, you rock! And apparently you are in the running for becoming the Widget Queen at la reportiste! Thank you...mille fois...very cool.

Deborah, I think you may be onto something here! I'll call a meeting to review this idea (if I can corral those ducks!) You may have landed on quite the sociable manner in which to spread the love. Thanks!

donna said...

so THAT'S the story behind the apple, lavender and chamomile picture!...... i had fun commenting on the zazzle word that zazzle......i just like saying it over and over

Deborah said...

Actually...I think I may have misunderstood! Trying to be supportive while going off half-cocked - but never mind I made a new blog friend!

Char said...

i do not see a pencil?

Emily said...

Leslie, because I'm technology-challenged (navigating Widgets and Zazzles and such definitely are out of my comfort zone) I'll wait to hear your latest clarification for simpletons. Until then, I'll picture myself carrying the beautiful tote bag at our local farmers market.

Mary said...

Hello !

Lovely picture as I have already said !
It's springtime! Have a nice week end !

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture on that bag. . . love it!
I follow a great Gluten Free blog that a friend from high school keeps; she shares her thoughts, recipes, & gluten free found items plus she is quite funny!
and to boot, she is a cat fan which makes my kittys very happy!
AnnMarie ;o)

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