Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little World Views - Bang, Indeed!

Tell me, do you see advertising like this in broad daylight where you are?!

Apparently Marc Jacobs has rolled out his new fragrance for men.  This bus stop down near the Vieux Port in Marseille had me doing a double take - or three!  And then I walked back to snap a shot!   Maybe in glossy mags...but right there on a busy street in front of God and everybody?! 

Yay, Marc Jacobs!  Yay, France!  What a country.


ps:  There will be one more post in the near future to tie up the remaining loose ends about the passport (which includes a visit to La Police!) but I'm headed to the American Consulate in Marseille this morning for - what I hope will be - one.last.time.  The good news:  Marseille was absolutely sparkling ( sparkling as Marseille gets) yesterday in this early spring light.  I haven't minded these field trips at all! 

Plus I take the train.   I love the train.


donna said...

ah..... no.....not in my hood....but then again i'm in the "orangest" of counties.....and in a city that does not have ANY advertising except for the bus stop, and believe they don't look like that!....i love the train too...can i come along with to marseille....i know you read on the train so there will be no chatter... all you might hear is a little apple munching...that's what i do on the train......

Kris said...

WOW! What a picture! I cannot imagine looking at that at or anywhere near a bus stop. Why that would just plain stop traffic!

You gotta love the French and their appreciation for ART in any form and for anything.

I took the train from Milan, Italy to Liege, Belgium once (12 hours) what a train ride that was! I think I will do a post about my experience riding the train. It was WILD! LOL

la fourchette said...

donna, ah yes. Orange County. I hadn't seen ad work like this in SoCal either. Things are different here. Lots of things are different here! And yes, apple-munching is fine. You can come along. ;} (I'm reading Gore Vidal's "Palimpsest" - a memoir of his first 39 years. He's an interesting character, that's for sure. Name-dropping aside...what a life.)

Kris, you wouldn't believe how many people were just passing by without even looking up! The attention began when I stood there lining up my Blackberry for a shot! Too funny! Yes. Do tell about that train ride - any train ride in Italy has 'wild' potential!

Thanks to all for stopping in today! merci!


Kris said...


I have written a post about my train ride from Italy to Belgium. Stop by for a funny read.


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