Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little World Views - A Peek Chez La Fourchette

Yowza! (I think that translates in any language!) A Mistral blew in yesterday...

...and this is not an uncommon scene:  parapluies smashed on one side or another by gale force wind.  There is nothing to do but abandon them.  And abandon them we do.  This was one of three I saw yesterday at various spots through town.  Poor thing...left out in the cold in the entrance hall of my building.  Not my parapluie, mind you.  My last casualty went in the trash between home and destination during the last storm.

A more pleasant view can be seen out my window to the building across the courtyard.

Take a closer look and you'll meet my neighbor.  A guardian angel.  How lucky am I?

A splash of color is always nice and this splash is just what is needed on these ancient shutters across from my kitchen.

I've been crazy-busy catching up on work details after missing such things for...errr... a month!  And although my return has been one of fits and starts, you'll see that I've been very productive in those moments of hiatus. 

The orchids have settled in - and a new one joined the group thanks to a lovely gift to warm the new digs.

All things seem to be finding a sense of place...

...and speaking of place, there is one waiting for you à table chez La Fourchette.

When the settling process is complete, I'll give you another tour.  But for now, plan to stop in this week for a peek into my little French life as I get the gears shifted back to a more normal pace and rhythm. 

Thanks so much to all of you, dear readers, for sticking with this unexpected hiccup.  It was one helluva February, but things are looking up.  Come to think of it, that's the only direction they could possibly be looking!

Bon dimanche à tous!


Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Thank you for sharing. We love to live through vicariously, as you live in the refinement of the French culture. Glad to hear your life is settling again.

Bubba's Person

Betty C. said...

I'm always complaining about the weather in Rodez, but I went to a 2-day meeting in Avignon in October, and I must say I had never seen such a drenching downpour anywhere in France. I was driving down with colleagues and we weren't sure whether to carry on or just to leave the road for a while...

Deborah said...

Welcome back! Love the pictures from the window - it looks lovely and I hope you're properly settled soon.

donna said...

are the mistrals much stronger than a hard Santa Ana?....i'm going to visualize that little angel in the courtyard flying over to protect those in peril in japan....that's where my heart's been lately....

la fourchette said...

Oh my! It's late here but it's so lovely to see you all!

Bubba's Person, thanks! Life *is* settling again...finalement! And one of these days, I'll actually get back in the kitchen!

Betty C., we've had rain and wind here that would have made super effects for a scary movie. It's been wild here in the south. We are all counting the days until spring arrives...perhaps carried in on one of these winds.

Deborah, Thank you...again! The views from the windows of my new nest are really is the light that finds its way in. All in all, it's lovely to be here. With each passing day, it feels more and more like 'home'.

donna, uufffff. I know what you mean about your heart being with those in peril in Japan. I'll pass along the hint to my neighboring angel that all of the best energies for strength, hope and healing be sent in that direction.

(And yes, the Mistral is *much* stronger than the Santa Ana in I've been lifted off the ground by a Mistral in a way that never happened with a Santa Ana!)

Thanks to all for being there. We can all join donna in sending heart energy - and anything else we possibly can - to our brothers and sisters in Japan.

Bon courage à tous nos amis en Japon.


Dianne said...

I'm a first time visitor to your lovely blog and with a name like ~La Fourchette~ I couldn't resist clicking over and having a look.
The south of France is so beautiful!

laura said...

Your new place looks nice! I'm glad you're back I've been missing your blog and your photography skills.

Peter said...

Don't complain too much about the rain there! You know that the sun will be back, soon, if not already! Looks like a lovely house in a nice town!

leslie said...

Oh leslie, welcome back. You have been missed. Your new place looks so pretty. Does your dog have a favorite spot yet? Moving is hard but here's to the start of a wonderful spring and summer! Cheers.

la fourchette said...

Peter, Not complaining...*too* much. The temps are beginning to hint at spring. yipppeeee! And yes, lovely apartment, nice town. Both are very true. Nice to see you. You already know this, but your recent peek at a Paris passage really caught my attention!

leslie, hello! Thank you, m'dear. Bodhi has a couple of favorite spots staked out (aside from my lap, that is!) He seems to be making the adjustment very well. Thanks for your encouraging wishes...right back at you as you, too, emerge from winter.


Kitty said...

Welcome back to Blogland, Leslie! I'm only a week or so late...

The new place looks charming indeed. A very relaxing atmosphere.May it be everything you want and need it to be for you. xx

I must ask, as I'm curious: what is that covered jug, with the front spigot in the kitchen to the right of your mortar and pestle? Is it a water-cooling jug?

Sending some of this lovely, sunny and calm Breton weather down your way!

Hugs and quiches from Kitty xx

la fourchette said...

Kitty, good eye, ma chèrie! That is a vinegar which a 'mother of vinegar' from my friend, Geneviève, happily makes vinegar out of drops of leftover wine. The crock comes from Grignan, where Genevieve and her family lives and she gave me a starter and got the crock for me at the marché. The rest is just a case of topping it off with leftover wine and drawing it off for vinaigrette or n'importe quoi. You can see Geneviève's vinegar crock here...which is what motivated me in the first place:

Thanks for the warm welcome back and thoughtful good wishes from up north and...Yes, the new digs are divine.


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