Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Window on Provence

It may be time to pull your parasol out of winter storage!

Have a lovely day!



donna said...

we have had to pull the winter umbrella out of storage lately.... as we have had some mighty spring rains here in So. Cal., and quite a few feet of snow in the local mountains.....i'm chomping at the bit to put in my veggie garden.....ummmm sun-riped tomatoes!

Deborah said...

Beautiful soft but bright spring day here in England - about the first week I haven't wished I was back in Provence!

BonjourRomance said...

Lots of wonderful sunshine here in Paris - I'm ready for umbrella and a picnic this weekend!

la fourchette said...

Oh my! Perhaps we should consider a 'mid-week international weather report' or 'le meteo' as we say in the 'hood.

From California, we have donna with a report of rain in a place that is noted for rarely having the stuff...from merry old England we have Deborah beaming in with sunshine...and Mimi planning a picnic this weekend (which can mean rain in the forecast...but let's not tell her!)

Thanks to all for the on-the-spot weather reports from around our fair planet. I really enjoyed *your* weather today as much as I enjoyed the sweet warm spring hint that was ours.


Deborah said...

LOL! It could be the start of something...

la fourchette said...

Deborah, my thoughts *exactly* when I saw this collection of comments!

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