Thursday, March 17, 2011

Soggy Little World Views

Did I mention the stormy day yesterday?  Of course I did!   Pelted by hail and drenched by rain, I was glad to get home last evening.  I used to whine complain mildly about the boring weather in California.  One lovely day of sunshine after another.  Ho hum.  Yawn. 

No more!  The drama of living in weather was exciting when it was new.  Now, I have joined the other residents of weather-worn corners and each day look for signs of relief spring's arrival.

A few peeks into my day yesterday:

Look to the lower portion of the windshield in this image.  Traffic had come to a full stop on the autoroute due to a heavy pounding of hail!

After making a stop to refill the tank, I returned the car and hoofed it home.

(Because some people just are.)

As my mother used to tell me, "You've made your bed, Missy..." 

...and apparently I've parked it in a place with this thing called "weather". 

Care to join me in my search for spring?



Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Things could be a lot worse right now Leslie. You could be in the Pacific Northwest where it has been raining/pouring/blowing for days, or was it weeks, or was it months?! I love that so many people use umbrellas. Seattleites seems to have given them up a long time ago... - FrenchGirlinSeattle

Marguerite said...

Ooh, spring can be so extreme in all parts of the world! I find weather exciting and love rainy days. Hail and tornados, now that's different. Just wondering, have you made it to the Embassy yet? Enjoying your blog a lot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Not to worry (or complain), soon you will have perfectly sunny summer, where you can go out and play without an umbrella everyday.

From Del Mar (we have some overcast along the coast today).

Greetings from Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

FrenchGirlinSeattle, oh how right you are. You all stay soggy for much longer than we do. Bon courage to you!

Marguerite, I'm with you. When I was in SoCal, I used to tell people who complained about the occasional rain that I must be part duck as I loved the stuff. Here, it does wear a bit. My appointment at the Embassy was scheduled for Monday...but a telephone call received this morning indicates I must change it to another day next week. We shall see. Fingers crossed. Thanks for asking...and for your kind words.

Bubba's Person, ah yes. That's a part of what keeps me going: in winter's cold and slop I remember how miserably hot it can get so I try to appreciate the cold temps; in summer's oven, I think back to the discomfort of constant cold. Somehow it helps me to keep things in perspective. Have fun at the beach!

Thanks to all for reading.


Sara Louise said...

I am so happy the rain has finally stopped! It's super windy now but very sunny. As long as I stay indoors, I'm OK. Bon weekend!

la fourchette said...

Sara Louise, you and me both, my not-so-far neighbor! Those winds can pick you (and your little dog) right up off the ground...who knows, you could end up in Kansas! Yes, on those days, stay indoors. At this writing, I hope your village is as drenched in sunshine as we are.

Bon weekend,

Colleen Osten said...

We had weekend temperatures nearing 70 degrees, and the snow was almost completely gone. Marc got the ground ready for peas, and staked the trellis...ahhh Spring. BUT today it is snowing and the forecast shows four more days of snow. So fickle!

la fourchette said...

Colleen, Woaw! 'Tis the season of surprises in weather. You guys got buried in snow this year. Marc must be 'chompin' at the bit' (as my father used to say) to get out in that garden. I can see him now, nose pressed to the window, drumming his fingers against the pane...

Sending you wishes for only a light dusting in the days ahead. (More rain in our forecast here...after a glorious weekend. And I do not usually employ the word 'glorious' to refer to refer to anything, in fact. But it was.)

Bisous to you and all chez toi,

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