Monday, March 21, 2011

Promises, Promises

Getting back to the regular routine seems to be happening in fits and starts.  I'll have the Monday recipe for you tomorrow.   I think it may well inspire you to make a wander through your closest local farmers market for a few simple ingredients to toss into a pan.  The results are delicious!  I promise.  Plan to stop in tomorrow to see what's cookin'.

Keeping another promise, I'm taking this opportunity to formally introduce my neighbor downstairs who graciously agreed to be the star of yesterday's post.  Dear readers, allow me to introduce you to my neighbor Jugurtha (on the left) and his friend, Simon.  Jugurtha, or Jeu, as I understood his nickname to be, is a university student originally from Lyon.  His friend, Simon, was visiting from Lille.  (It was Simon who asked me how it was that I came to speak French so of course you can imagine, I'm hoping he plans to visit quite frequently!) 

Once again, a note of thanks to you both for being so gracious about having your dining experience interrupted by this American blogger...with her camera.  Merci beaucoup. **

**Une fois de plus, une note de remerciement à vous deux d'être si aimable d'avoir votre expérience culinaire interrompu par ce blogueur américain ... avec son appareil photo.  Merci beaucoup.

Plan to pull your chairs up to the table tomorrow for a tasty treat - perfect for the transition from winter to spring!

À demain!


Kris said...


I will look forward to "what's cookin' in your post tomorrow. I love french food and have a great french recipe for a stuffed rolled pork roast sitting atop a bed of Roma tomatoes, onions, garlic. One of the best recipes I have ever made!

Wanted to let you know I am a transplant from the Midwest living in Houston, Texas. We are having some of the most gorgeous weather here. Breezy, low cloud, part sunny days in the low 80's. Its green here everywhere! I sure don't miss all the snow we use to get!

Et Salut,


la fourchette said...

Kris, miam! (French for 'yum'.) That sounds delish. My sister is in I hear a bit about that Midwest snow thing they've got going on there!


laura said...

Yay Lille!

la fourchette said...

laura, oui! Yay Lille! He was a very nice fellow...that makes two of you so far that represent that 'hood quite well! ;}

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