Thursday, March 24, 2011


Watch for a give-away in the near future!


laura said...

my favorite photo!

donna said...

that's a give-away right there....woke up to a soggy morning, and there was a cheery little pic on my can i not feel the warmth...thanks

la fourchette said...

laura, oh good! I love to hear people have 'favorites'! and yes...that's a popular one, indeed! That may have something to do with why it's related to the first give-away chez La Fourchette!

donna, what a lovely thing to say on a soggy morning! Thank you. Sending some warm sunshine from the south (of France, that is!) in your direction to dry out those damp corners...and it looks like you might be in for a bit more. Keep that umbrella handy!


Kitty said...

Leslie: That's just a lovely photograph! It's so cheerful and Spring-like, thank you for posting it!

The weather is being rather moody here in Bretagne, it can't decide between partly cloudy, overcast or sunshine, so, it's doing all three at once.

That's fine by me; I have a nice cup of coffee, a warm kitten asleep by my feet and birdsong outside.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Bisouxxx, Kitty

la fourchette said...

Kitty, thank you so much. This was shot at the marché in Nice and has been one of my favorites 'for, like, ever'! (And it's part of the upcoming giveaway, en plus.)

Your Sunday sounds lovely. I've spent the better part of this day cuddled on the couch with Bodhi watching the free movies available on Canal+ this week. Good for my French. Bodhi seems to enjoy it. And we are all blanketed in clouds with intermittent rain today so it's all good.

Bon dimanche...the rest of it!

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