Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen Window Wisdom

Saturday brought sunshine and lovely temperatures to all of the shady the corners of our fair ville.  I opened the windows wide, slipped a Joni Mitchell CD in the stereo, cranked it up and started my afternoon with a perfectly ripe pear.  I ask you:  does it get any better than that?!

Until my recent return to this apartment, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed standing in front of this south-facing kitchen window.  How I love staring across the little divide between my building and the next, dancing around in my inner world.  Such is the life of an introvert.

Yesterday was no different.  Standing at this favorite spot, bathed in a pool of warmth and light and slurping bites of pear, I felt a flood of gratitude for...well...honestly, for my entire life.  Truth be known, these are not rare moments for me.

But this time my sweet reverie of appreciation for unexplainable abundance was punctuated with acute awareness.  In the very same moment, so many others across the world were experiencing profound suffering. 

I find it challenging to not feel overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness these days.  Current events serve up one generous helping of bad news after another.  In my search for meaning, I look for lessons in that helplessness. 

Perhaps it's about learning to hold both realities; to stay grounded in gratitude while simultaneously embracing the reality of others all across the world.  In that moment, prayers bubbled up and took flight:  that all beings might find anchors of courage, anchors of strength, anchors of hope to face the challenges they are now enduring...whatever they may be. 

I see a theme in my lessons:  something about developing the skill to maintain a degree of equanimity and perspective in the face of my own joys and difficulties; something about constantly remembering we share a common desire in this messy, complicated, rich, wonderful and mysterious life.

We're all just trying to do the same thing: be happy and avoid suffering.  Bless us all for our efforts.

Wonder what other core lessons this kitchen window has in store?

Bon dimanche, dear readers,




Kitty said...

Oooo... 'core lessons', tu es vraiment drôle, ma chère. ;)

Yes, exactly, a feeling of gratitude, that was nearly the post I wrote instead of 'Choices', had the weather been sunny, I would have indeed.

I have so much rotten around me, yet, I also have so much peace, love and beauty that it often makes my heart ache; certainly the positive tips the scales each time. I am blessed in so many ways and I DO know it and for that I am... grateful.

My heart reaches out to those who have touched my life in some way and I send support, strength and joy their way. I hope it is received, I hope it brings a smile, I hope they pause, breathe deep and feel a flicker of happiness. And even though the gift is by necessity anonymous, I hope some day they also think of me, and I feel that thought from them. And I will smile.
Like a large tapestry, we are all interconnected.

Enjoy the warp and weft of your Sunday, Leslie :)

Bisouxxx, Kitty

Kris said...

What a lovely post! You have such an eloquent writing style. I hear what you are saying and couldn't agree with you more. There is so much suffering in this world and it is hard to feel joy in our own blessings when so many others are going through such hard times.

Your window view is beautiful and a great place to look out and contemplate life. We once had a home where our backyard faced a lake and I spent many countless hours there reflecting on things and events in life.

We all need to be reminded from time to time to be grateful for all of our blessings and our challenges. These go towards making us stronger and better human beings. I love this post!


la fourchette said...

Kitty, tu me trouves 'drôle', ma belle?! ;}

I hear ya! Those connections - known and unknown - are incredibly powerful, non? And a tapestry. Lovely image. Lovely reference. Thanks...for all of it.

Kris, thank you for such kind words. Sounds like you know a thing or two about contemplating in front of a view that takes you beyond your sense of physical place. Such moments are precious, non?

Thank you for these thoughtful comments...and for sharing a glimpse into your own lives.

Bonne soirée,

donna said...

The path is not somewhere in the sky, It is in our hearts. the Buddha, The Dhammapada

la fourchette said...

donna, sums it up quite nicely. Wonder if there's any shot at enlightenment standing at a kitchen window rather than sitting under a bodhi tree? ;}

Have a good week!

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