Monday, October 31, 2011

Where She Went...And What She Ate

I'm planning to stop in again a bit later today to give you a little peek into a French Halloween but in the  meantime...

...I want to share a couple of views from yesterday's hike along the Côte Bleu, a stretch of rocky coastline extending from Marseille to l'Etang de Berre.  Little pearls of villages are strung along its length.  The starting point was the port of Ensuès la Redonne...

...and the picnic stop was overlooking this little bay of brave souls...all of whom hiked in to enjoy the day here...

...or here.

Perfect picnic, n'est pas?

And Bodhi, you ask?   He was having a grand time with his favorite girlfriends! 

Hope your week is off to a good start!



donna said...

was just goole mapping the area.....lovely pics and lovely area.....would love to hear more about the area.....hubby and i walked the beach last night way into dark....there was a very very low tide as only the last 10 % of the pier was in water......we were the only ones on the beach....and watched as pods of dolphins swam about 25 feet from us....with the red sunset and dolphins, i truly couldn't ask for more

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

I see you had Morbier for lunch. You are so lucky to live in France.

But I would guess that Bodhi would have enjoyed the trip too!!!

Bubba's Person

Anonymous said...


First, that photo of Bodi and his girlfriends is adorable. So sweet!

Second, Whoa, you hiked along the coast in those pictures? You must be in great shape. Your lunch looks so delicious and the views gorgeous.

BOO~ Happy Halloween!


la fourchette said...

donna, ahhh yes! you can do a much more comfortable hike via google maps! great idea! it's a pretty area, non? your beach walk sounds really lovely. i adore those low tide-in-autumn walks on the empty beach. mmmmmm....thanks for sharing that!

BP, ah hah! You have successfully identified one of the cheeses, monsieur! The other was a beaufort - both absolutely delish. I get them from a fromager in the market and his stuff is *the* best. I'm not sure if Bodhi would have loved that hike so much. It was a to say? ... intense! It was a *really* warm day, it was a pretty long hike in, 1+ hour just to get to the perch for the picnic - then another hour back. No, I'm sure he had a much better time with his girls. As his trainer observed when he was supposed to be skipping along on a lead and he chose to sit down and whimper to be carried: "Il n'est pas très sportif, non?" (He's not very athletic, is he?) And no, he's not. He prefers to go browse around in Sephora - or *any* perfume shop we happen to pass, sit at cafés, and walk through the lingerie department in Monoprix. Don't ask. I've no idea.

Kris, I know...isn't he adorable?!? And so are his girlfriends! They just too cute when they play together, too. Yup...that was the was truly beautiful! Lunch was delicious and any shape I may be is attributed to yoga. (I *do* miss my 90 or so steps up the stairs - several times a day, in fact - in my old's all a give and take, non?!)

Boo back at you!

No Halloween pics 'cuz there's absolutely *nothing* happening in this fine ville to celebrate it...aside from a few Americans of a certain age gathering in costume at an English pub somewhere around the 'hood...but I think I'll stay away and let them fête in peace.

Happy All Hallows Eve to all...tomorrow is the big day here...check back...


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