Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Brunch Anyone?

How about here?

A hidden little courtyard in Paris.  A table and chairs...toss a bit of white linen over bring out the basket of croissants and I'll grab the coffee.   Cozy, non?

Bon dimanche!

ps:  a note about 'mon oeil*'...the generalist (yes, French is leaving its mark on my one of my gentle readers noted), otherwise known as the good ole family practice doctor, suspects it's some sort of allergic reaction (perhaps to the constant wafting up of mildew and god-knows-what-else from the apartment just below me!)  He gave me a prescription for antihistamine drops...which was free to me when I picked it up from the pharmacie!  wooohooo!  With my French healthcare and my mutuelle (a supplementary private insurance we all have a choice to buy from any number of companies - at a very reasonable rate, mind you), my prescriptions are free!  And I'll get a healthy reimbursement from both my French insurance *and* my mutuelle, which will cover a big chunk of my 23€ fee paid to the good doctor yesterday!   Imagine that!  Universal healthcare in a democracy.  Who'd uh thunk that would ever work?!

Have a lovely day.

*  I'm actually referring to 'my eye' here, but the French have an expression:  mon oeil, used to show disbelief in response to something one's just heard.  The phrase can be said aloud while gently tugging down on skin of the highest point of the cheek (just below one eye) with one's forefinger to pull the lower lid down a bit - or simply expressed with the gesture itself.  Either way, it is to say:  'yeah, right'  - and show a sense of disbelief or unwillingness to accept what's just been said to you.

Class dismissed.  ;}


donna said...

très cozy.....but can i bring my buckwheat blinis???......i'm wheat allergic (regretfully)

la fourchette said...

donna, by all means! I'll leave the choice to you: bring your own buckwheat blinis or I'll bring along a rustic chunk of spelt bread from the artisanal boulanger just around the corner from me. He's a *wizard* and this bread is *amazing*! A little slather of fresh butter with a bit of fleur de sel...a generous spread of some fruity jam...always an alternate way to enjoy a Sunday...and a Paris courtyard!

(In fact, that boulanger's talents may be worth sharing with you all in a post one day...)

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Take pics of the goodies in the boulangeree (sp?) and post them. When ever I go into them I say "I'll take one of these and one of those!" in English of course pointing at each. Sure miss them and even the great croissants. Maybe you can find a canale de Bordeaux, a very special dessert local to the Bordeaux region. My favorite dessert of all times.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me! Cafe creme and croissants sound divine to me!

My husband awoke with a redness in the corner of his eye and it is bloodshot as well. He had the same thing last year about this time. It has something to do with the weather changing and his sinuses. Luckily, we had eye drops from last year that are still good. His eye got really ugly looking last year and it took him a week to get over it.

Hope your week is good!


la fourchette said...

DSK, Note to self: more pics of pastries and suchlike. I'm not familiar with the dessert from Bordeaux but now you've piqued my curiosity! I'll do a bit of snooping.

Kris, I ordered a café crème just yesterday morning when I met up with friends but quickly changed that order to a cappuccino - I needed a stronger jolt!
(Sorry to hear of 'Mr. Kris' awakening to an eye situation! Hope the drops have kicked in and he's on the mend.)


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