Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Friday

No, no, silly goose!  Not that Good Friday!

Just stopping in to wish you - and this nun! - a happy Friday.

Bon weekend à tous!


donna said...

a woman on "a mission"........may the mission we all set out on be one of love.......for power may rule.....but love wins

la fourchette said...

donna, a worthy mission, indeed! i'd like to think this nun is on that mission...but given the look on her face, her mission may have been to get through the day's excursion with a gaggle of teen girls! ;}


Anonymous said...

I remember the nuns when I was in grade school. The nuns in our day wore all black with the white only around their face like the one in your picture. They were really strict! Oh how well I remember. LOL LOL


la fourchette said...

Kris, the nuns wore black and white (like penguins - but accessorized with beaded necklaces!) in my day, too. I also remember that I was not alone in my peer group in wanting to be a nun when I grew least until adolescence hit when we discovered that perhaps we weren't cut out for the part after all! ;}


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