Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mardi Meteo

Aujourd'hui, il pleut.

One of the challenges in my French language acquisition was assigning masculinity to the weather.  For example, 'Today, he rains' is the current condition - as noted above.  Of course, 'he' is sometimes heard as 'it'....and somehow that all gets sorted out by the listener.

Happy was the moment when I eventually nailed down that weather was a he.  

Distinguishing between 'rain' and 'crying' - pleuvoir being 'to rain' and pleurer 'to cry' - was still a challenge.  Once conjugated, they looked different on paper but sounded very similar as they zipped past my still-adjusting ear: 

il pleut (it rains) 
il pleure (he cries)

When a certain California Girl stumbles over those sneaky little silent consonants and mashes her endings, she ends up in Stevie Ray Vaughan territory:

Aujourd'hui, le ciel pleure.

Put your hands together for today's meteo delivered in musical form - thanks to B.B. King, Albert King and the aforementioned musical meteorologist, Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Love B.B.King, Vaughan, and King, Husband really loves them and the blues!

Well, today in Texas it is 87 degrees and sunny. Sigh...I am waiting patiently for colder weather and with some luck it may be coming tomorrow with falling temperatures and rain on Thursday and a high of 59. That's how it works here. From summer to winter and then back to summer. I really miss season changes!


donna said...

my territory is more like "had to cry today"....as the Stevie i grew up with and loved was Stevie Winwood....still swoon over his voice from back then......

la fourchette said...

Kris, I'm a big blues lover...bb king is one of my favs...in fact, many moons ago, when I was traveling to this lovely place before sending down roots here, I was caught dancing out by the pool's edge at a sweet little hotel in Roussillon to the soulful duo of BB King and Eric Clapton. Yup, caught red-footed by a couple of French guys who wanted to take a late-night swim. Woman-who-dances-with-wolves that I am, I was still a bit embarrassed. They were gracious. Now I laugh.

donna, aaaaahhhh yes...*that* Stevie! Also a winner. Man, whenever I hear his stuff, it's like a bullet train to the past for me! I land with a 'plunk' into any number of lovely moments anchored by his music.

Thanks to you both for stopping in and offering up a 'petit bonjour' today. Nice to see you!


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