Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heart ...

A little miracle at Les Calanques de Piana, Corsica

... Keith, at Taste of Garlic, and all of my gentle readers that were checking in through the summer and haven't deleted me from their blog lists.  (Actually, truth be known, I even heart the ones who deleted me!)  You're right, Keith: consider me grounded. At least until I find my way into the rhythm of regular posting.  There will be no gallivanting around until we're back on track.

I'm touched by the award at the aforementioned Taste of Garlic blog for - lack of posting.  What a hoot!  I could go all 'Sally Field' on you all but, if I recall correctly, she actually showed up to accept her award.  I'll accept, with great pleasure, this fine recognition on a rather delayed schedule.

Thanks to all for the welcoming me back so warmly.  My disappearance was the result of having had the lovely honor of people visiting - as they tend to do when one lives in the south of France! - from May through mid-September.  Between trying to be 'the hostess with the mostess' for those very welcome visitors, some planned little jaunts hither and yon, soaking up the energy of being with some of my favorite California peeps... and oh yeah! ... that little thing we call working full-time...well...the days months just flew!

Forgive me...and know that my tendency to go underground is just...well...just how I recharge when my battery is spent.  Part of my introverted charm. 

For the moment, I'll stick with a daily photo to share from my little French life and fill in the blanks with words as the spirit moves - and time allows...'cause that full-time work thing is kicking into high-gear!

À demain...et merci encore!


donna said...

i understand the "underground" thing....i also am an introvert that also loves people...a strange mix...so i disappear from view....when life overwhelms......it's all good

Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves some time away to recharge their batteries! We're just glad your back. Glad you were able to visit with friends and STILL make a living! LOL


la fourchette said...

Now how sweet are these comments?!

donna, ahhh, yes. it sounds like you understand that 'introversion' thing. 'Overwhelm' is the word...yes...that works...and your final supposition is also correct: It's all good.

Kris, thanks! Sounds like you understand as well. I had to laugh at myself about that 'working full-time' thing. When I arrived in France, I had absolutely *no* visible means of support. This is a case of being careful what you ask the universe for!

Lovely to see you both!

Gros bisous,

Jean said...

I'm glad to see you back !!
And glad you felt we deserved to have you back.

la fourchette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
la fourchette said...

Jean, what a nice welcome back! thank you.


ps: deleted comment was mine...simply a draft that got 'sent' before i was ready.

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