Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mardi Meteo

I'm on my way to Paris, where the temps are likely cooler and there may even be a bit of rain - but then, Paris is most beautiful in the rain...(did you see Midnight in Paris?  If no, do!)

The weather in Aix will be perfect...for artists!

Artist in front of Les Deux Garçons painting...Les Deux Garçcons!

Aix will be reaching 27ºC (80ºF) today.  Whew!  I begin to wilt at this temp...glad to be catching a little Paris cool...expected temps:  21ºC (69ºF) with...that's right: rain...and beautiful.



Vicki said...

Hi Leslie,

I know you'll enjoy every second whilst you're in Paris, even when asleep maybe you'll dream about all your fav things!
Don't we need the beautiful things in life. Thank you for your wise word on peace. Apt as well as the Dali Lama is visiting in this region, a friend heard him speak at one of the monasterys nearby and has become incredible calm since.

Keep cool and happy,

Boho Farm and Home said...

That sounds just lovely! I would take either of them. :) Have a good time.

donna said...

typical june gloom in the morning, and then it burns off and we have a nice 80 degree day .....it's that marine layer thing.....how's Paris?

Mandy_Fish said...


Also: Thank you for the temperature conversions.

See Kate run. said...

Oooh, Paris in the rain. I sigh with love at the mere thought.

Have a beautiful time!

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