Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Fork It Over" Give-Away

Yipppeee!  It's the second Fork It Over Give-Away at La Fourchette.  Enter now to win a set of lovely note cards!

When you have a dream, you have to keep breathing softly on its embers.  I did just that with my dream of a little French life by traveling here on a regular basis in the years preceding my leap.  Since that kind of lifestyle is mostly for the rich and famous - I am neither - I had to find another way.  As usual, the universe was listening in on my musings and gave a swift kick in my desired direction.

That 'kick' led to being contacted by Façonnable to shoot the quintessential Provençal environmental shots for marketing their brand in their US boutiques.  The opportunity allowed me to be in this lovely place twice a year for several years as I gunned my motor to make a run for it.

A happy result of that shooting was a line of note cards that I marketed and sold in the US before I left and here in France when I arrived.  Postal complications and basic survival issues forced the cards to take a back seat in the veritable 2CV* of my life to things like a carte de sejour, working papers and replacing lost passports but I am very pleased to say:

The cards are back in town!  (I know several of you will be very happy to hear this!  Thank you for the gentle encouragement along the way to bring them back.)

This Fork It Over Give-Away is a set of 5 lovely note cards with different color images of Provence.   (Actually one of the images is a flower shop in Paris, but I just knew you'd like it.  See above for the images included in this Fork It Over set.)

The printed cards with envelopes measure 19.5 cm by 14 cm  (approximately 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches). 

A caption below each image notes the location of the shot and...

(Candles not included in this set.) was the added touch in the previous version of cards,  each card is individually signed in the lower right-hand corner.

The set arrives tied up in a ribbon and will make a lovely hostess gift or perhaps delight another Franco-phile when birthday time rolls around.

You have three ways to enter the second Fork It Over Give Away to win this set of 5 note cards (Hurry!  All entries must be in by midnight Friday, 17 June):

1)  If you haven't yet, hit Follow in the "Some Of My Favorite Peeps" section over there to the right and add your sweet mug shot to the crowd - then leave a lovely comment in this post...


2)  ...scroll down a bit further and hit Like if you are a Facebook follower - then leave a lovely comment in this post.  (I know. I know.  We've been through this whole "Like" drill, right?  I had not installed the correct code so all of my lovely followers who showed up in that spot previously were not actually "liking" La Fourchette...errr...they all ended up "liking" FACEBOOK!  Mark Zuckerberg, you sneaky bug.  I think I've got it down now and your "like" should actually show up on La Fourchette's page from here on out. )


3)  ...Simply leave a lovely comment in this post.  I realize not everyone wants to sign up to Google or Facebook and I'm just really pleased your here.

As usual, all names will go into the hat...

...and the winner will be announced on SATURDAY, 18 June.

Bon chance à tous!


* deux chevaux - the lovely old automobile that represents all things French in one gorgeous heap of metal and leather


Anonymous said...

So glad the cards are back..Am very glad it has all worked out with the work stuff and of course your passport yikes...your photos always make me smile,
Thank you am also glad you took the pictures of us with Carlye I look at everyday..xo

la fourchette said...

Tim, yay you! (I loved those pics!) The cards will go up for sale in the weeks ahead - I'm getting PayPal all figured out to make it easier but I couldn't wait to share the news! So happy to see your face at La Fourchette!


Anonymous said...

Love your cards! (I still have one that I did not want to part with from one of your early sets. . .) Congrats on getting them back! Love the blog too! Chat with you soon
AnnMarie ;o)

la fourchette said...

AnnMarie, thanks, m'dear! I knew there would be some happy souls to know they were making a return. Nice to see you!


Jane said...

Having won your last contest, it would be too "piggy" of me to enter again! I am so happy that I purchased your note cards many years ago and your calendar last year. You are such a talent! I await them becoming available again.

la fourchette said...

Jane, how sweet are you?! Thank you! You were also my first "Like" in my bad Facebook installation...wanna be the first again now that it's fixed?!

{And Fork It Over give-aways welcome all to the mix - including previous winners. How's your market bag working out? ;}


donna said...

SO it seems you have a few people out there that know of your photography, and it's style....and they seem anxious to see some more.......funny how everyday life and it's challenges can move us away from something we really love......i've been there.......

Mary said...

Your pictures and cards are so beautiful ! You are a professionnal artistic photographer with great talent !!
I'm glad your dream of living in France in Provence come true ! I admire American women ! You're so brave and positive! Bravo !!!

la fourchette said...

donna, oh how i know this one! and these are words of one who also knows...all too well, i suspect. and yes, i'm blessed with lots of encouragement - gentle and constant encouragement! what a lucky girl i am.

Mary, wow - your comment is packed with loveliness! thank you...and thank you again!


David Shannahoff-Khalsa said...

Madame LER,

I have always enjoyed your cards, and so have ALL those that have received them from. The quality and choice of the cards is superb! Also, I finally got my face added to your "followers" section. Perhaps some of your "to be made" cards can occasionaly include a pic of Bodhi!!!


Bubba's Person

Emily said...

The cards look beautiful! I suspect that I'd be loath to send them, preferring to keep them to remind myself of la belle France. Well, I guess I'll just have to get two sets!

I wish I had a 2CV - I've always loved them. An antique store and a bistro in Carmel each have one and I can get my "fix" on this side of the pond...but I'd much rather enjoy them zipping around Provence.

la fourchette said...

DS-K, (which has an entirely new meaning these days in my 'hood!) Thank you for those kind words...I'm glad you like this first run selection...I'm also glad to see your face in the crowd! (hmmm...perhaps Bodhi needs his own line of cards!)

Emily, Thanks! I often hear this with these cards - and their 'suitable for framing' quality makes them a double-whammy for the receiver...when they *do* manage to get sent! Two there's a good idea! You've given me an something to think about for when they go out into the cyber-market place! (And look for a 2CV to show up in one of the future card sets!)


Ann Knickerbocker said...

Do keep us posted about the cards... they are what we all need for that special note...I miss the deux chevaux, too; was devastated when they stopped making them (1990?).

la fourchette said...

Ann, I'm headed to Paris then to Corsica and will be back to send out card orders by mid-July. I'll set up a page on the blog for easy access and PayPal payments. You'll really like these! I just know it!

Bonne chance à tous! The winner will be announced today - Saturday!


See Kate run. said...

Oh Leslie, I missed the giveaway! I will keep these eyes peeled for your next one. You do create beautiful images. Thank you for sharing, in the meantime, on your beautiful blog. :) In fact- thank you most of all for sharing on your blog. This way we get regular installments!

la fourchette said...

Oh Kate, I just peeked in at See Kate run. and was so happy to see that you were back at it! And may I say, you look maaah-velous, dahling. Thanks for your sweet words...see you 'round the blog 'hood.


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