Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mardi Meteo

24ºC (75º) and cloudy...with the threat of rain...again.  We've had buckets and buckets of rain in the past week with more on the way.  Thunder claps and lightening to make the heartiest of souls shudder - and shutter (the windows!)  I love it!  (I've always thought I must be part duck.)

Temps are mild and the air has a lovely humidity as opposed to the bone-dry stuff that is our usual.  I don't mind this one little bit.  And neither does our thirsty terre.  Let it pluie!

Hope you are having a lovely day - under whatever the skies may be bringing your way.




Anonymous said...


It is another scorcher here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. It looks as if the entire middle section is having the same hot, humid and miserable weather. It is AGAIN going to be around the 100 degree mark give or take a degree. We could certainly use some of the rain you are receiving...Not fair!

I hope things are going well for you.


la fourchette said...

screeeeeeech....zzzzrrrrrrppp...those are the sounds of the brakes being hit followed by an ersatz rewind button. When I plopped today's meteo up, I had seen clouds rolling in earlier (as they have every late morning for the past week) then went to work for several hours. When I looked out the window before posting, I saw - yup, you guessed it - clouds. So up the post went then I raced out to take Bodhi for a walk before the rain hit...like I have every afternoon recently, with bad timing having us miss our walk on a couple of occasions. But no, when I went out with him this evening it was gorgeous outside. The sun was bright and warm. The crowds were filling the sidewalk cafés to enjoy it all and me? I didn't have my camera with me to document the good news as I left it behind ... so it wouldn't get wet! Hah!

I would not make a very good weather person!


la fourchette said...

Kris, yowza! The rain anticipated all day here has finally arrived...I can hear it as I type. Wish I could send some your way...the temps are delicious! Good sleeping weather - which is what I'm just about to do but wanted to say hello before I tucked myself and my fluffy little dog in for the night. Stay cool!

Bonne nuit,

donna said...

well the day came and went ...but it's still 62 degrees here....and it's almost 9 PM.....got too busy running to a yoga class so didn't post this morning...weather's been warm, but ocean breezy

la fourchette said...

donna, wow! 62 sounds cool...and sweet. Nice. Oh, I can smell the lovely ocean fragrance as I read your words. Just the little ocean 'hit' I needed.


Boho Farm and Home said...

It sounds just lovely...would love to have some rain...we are in the middle of a terrible drought. Sleeping while it is raining is the best-the sleep of babies!

Have a great week!

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