Friday, May 06, 2011

Taking the Waters of Aix en Provence, Part Deux

Continued from yesterday...

...As I introduced myself to these new watery friends, I learned that the oldest fountain in Aix is the Espéluque (meaning cave in Provençale).  Once serving as the only source of water for the town, it had been moved around the 'hood several times before being installed into its current spot in the Place Archeveche in 1756.

Yup!  This is the same image as the one included in yesterday's post in which I had clearly jumped the gun.  So you get to enjoy it again today!

In the place d’hotel de ville, I sat on the edge of the Town Hall fountain to stare down the four vigilant gargoyles who spewed steady bubbling streams as they watched over the square.

The fountain at the Place de la Mairie near the Hotel de Ville.

Strolling past the Musée Granet and L’Eglise Ste. Jean de Malte in the Quatier Mazarin, I found the Four Dolphins fountain.  Shaded by plane trees, the smirking quartet posed for a leap above their circular pond in this romantic corner of town.

Quatre Dauphins fountain near the Musée Granet.
I could almost hear the voice of MFK Fisher echoing in the surrounding walls from her days near the Parisian-style Place Albertas.  The fountain did not exist in this spot until 1912.  Cracks in the stones of this square were discovered radiating and the fountain was added when the repairs were done – with the basin made by students in the Aix School of Arts and Crafts.

Place Albertas - another fountain around which I could happily create an oeuvre of 60 images.
 To be continued...



Tamsie said...

Love the dolphin fountain...I believe this is a point where Bodhi likes to rest!

donna said...

really enjoying your watery friends.....thank you for this (continuing) tale of the fountains in Aix.....a girl raised near the water loves water in any setting...yours there in Aix is one glorious i am sure you realize....

Anonymous said...

I love the gargoyles fountain and I am wondering what the water is spewing from in the mouth of the gargoyle?

I believe Donna is right when she says a girl raised near water loves water in any setting.



la fourchette said...

Tamsie, oh, how right you are! It's almost as if you've been on walks with the Bodhster and me during those watering stops! ;}

donna, thank you! If I can't have waves, I'll take the water music of these fountains. It's workin' for me.

Kris, I love all of the faces one finds in town. These guys are really wonderful. I suspect that's a spigot of some sort and I don't know the date of that design. Note to self: a bit more to check out! Good detail catch. (and thanks!)


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