Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little World Views

Bonjour à tous!  Yesterday's Blogger hiccup prevented me from posting and commenting so we're catching up today.

A little shot from a wander through the streets of Cassis last week - up close and personal.

Have a lovely weekend!


ps:  It appears as though Blogger has eaten some of the comments in previous posts.  On behalf of their system, I apologize.  Hopefully they've got all of the bugs worked out and we'll be good to go from this point forward. 


Char said...

lovely shot - i hope you're having a beautiful weekend

Anonymous said...

Very pretty photo. With Blogger out of commission for almost 2 days, everything had to be put on hold...couldn't even visit!

Hope you are having a great weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures. It has cooled down was so windy here and chilly I had to wear a hooded sweatshirt with my hood up to walk today! Brrr.


laura said...

Beautiful photograph!

la fourchette said...

Char, thank you m'dear. I did have a beautiful weekend! Hope yours shook down to be the same.

Kris, thank you. Yes, that little blogger hiccup yesterday was tough, non? Gorgeous here today...but a Mistral wind kicked up in the middle of the night and it was really coooool here today! I loved it!

laura, thank you! When I returned from this day, I had remember way more photographs than I actually took. Weird how that happens. I seem to see the world in photo images and am always surprised when they do not all show up afterwards!


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