Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mardi Meteo

24ºC (75ºF) expected today with a mix of sunshine and showers.  I'm loving this mild spring. 

A couple of shots to share from my 'quotidien' (day to day life) are a diversion from any images to illustrate how sweet the weather is at the moment, but I couldn't resist.

Falling in the category of 'Whaaat?' is this bit of graffiti slapped across wall that Bodhi and I pass on our daily walk:

Translation:  Oatmeal we hate you.

Alrighty then.  I guess the local taggers have a different political agenda than in some other areas.

In sharing this next image, I ask for your indulgence in saying, 'Is Bodhi the most adorable dog you've ever seen?!' 

After a long walk to an outdoor vernissage (art show opening) he was ready for bed last night. 

And what, you may ask, is that pair of eyes next to him?  Why that is his favorite 'poupée' (doll) 'Lambie' (oh stop.  I save my creative energy for things other than naming my dog's favorite toys).   He will not go to bed without it.  Snuggles up right next to it to fall asleep. See what I mean?  Adorable.

Taken with my Blackberry as it was at hand, this is not a staged shot.   Bodhi and Lambie   {from left to right  ;}
Have a lovely day, all of you.  Tomorrow we'll resume the fountain tour with the final splash.



la Brocanteuse said...

have a lovely week my friend...I also like bury my face in my two long haired friends( afghans) specially after a hard day..still the best friend..and so comforting.
have a good week Col xx

donna said...

i LOVE this post.....a bit of everything......a little forecast, some doggone cuteness, and a bit of oatmeal serendipity....what more could one ask for?....it's a cool May here in SoCal...cool as in 68 degrees with cool cool nights....my sis called last nite from her place in the local mountains....and it was snowing!!! .......ahhhh more sweet serendipity

Anonymous said...

Ah, too sweet! Bodhi is adorable! I believe dogs are like people and over time their owners start of look like them. My m-i-l use to say my Josie was not a dog at all but a person! She use to come up to me (and her) sit if front of us and snap her mouth like she was biting something until her teeth clicked when she wanted something and if you didn't look at her she would continue to do this until you did what she wanted you to do. It was the funniest thing!

The weather in Dallas is cloudy and very warm around 92 for the high today with high humidity and a major rain event headed here for tomorrow.

Looking to your wrap-up on the fountains.


la fourchette said...

Col, thank you m'dear. Sounds like you know a little something about puppy love. Okay...I'll concede: perhaps Bodhi isn't *the* most adorable dog you've ever seen...I'll certainly allow that membership to be open to...errr...a couple of lovely afghans for starters!

donna, wow! That's an enthusiastic start! Thanks! It is a bit of an 'everything but the kitchen sink' post. (Note to self: add kitchen sink photo next time. It's lovely! Really!) The SoCal mountains sound like the MN region my sister is in: snow last week - in the 70's today. craaaaaazy.

Kris, Thanks! And Bodhi thanks you, too. That's very funny as a woman in a café once commented that Bodhi and I have similar haircuts. Hah! Matching messy curl do-s.

Ciao (and merci) to all,

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

I can only assume that the very adorable cute little Bodhi has to sleep in his own bed. No wonder he needs his friend at night. Bubba sleeps with me in bed EVERY night. I would not have it any ther way. And this is not just because he is a shade cuter than Bodhi. We have had a deal over the life times together, which of course includes never any dog food, etc. You could ask Bodhi if he would like to join you. I think you would find that you would get very attached to him that way.

Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

BP, I couldn't resist responding to this before I tuck myself and my adorable little dog in for the night. Bodhi has been sleeping with me since he was a baby - much to the chagrin of his French vet (who really must think I'm 10 shades of crazy because I also prepare his meals now with fresh, whole foods! Which I thought you already knew but perhaps I didn't update you on that little change. It may deserve a post all to itself, that update.) And so far, his babysitters have all invited him to their beds as well when he has slumber parties if I'm traveling.

But he still insists on Lambie being in bed with him...no matter whose bed he's in.

Nice to see you, Monsieur DSK!


Mary said...

Bodhi is very cute and adorable when he sleeps with his Lambie which is his "doudou" (security blanket). He looks like a lamb too ! Like a child he's spoiled but he deserves it, doesn't it ?!
It's weird this graffiti ! perhaps "avoine" is a slang word ?!
But on the contrary, I like oatmeal .. of K...!

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Thank you for the lovely graffitti ... It is good to know that someone could be so passionate about .... Breakfast!

And yes, the dog and lamb are cute ... Do they like oatmeal?

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

I am truly very relieved to know that Bodhi shares your bed. The pic threw me off. I do remember you giving me an update on his diet, even if it took months to pressure you to convert. You know I am first a supporter/advocate for our beloved ones. Now that I know that you have everything in order with Bodhi, I will assure you of more fair and timely services from the Frnech government, and free travel to the US on Air France when ever you like, but of course only if you bring Bodhi to my beach (there are always catches and restrictions, are there!).

I leave for Honolulu on Fri through Mon for the APA, and will be paying Bubba's sitter $150/day along with excellent foods. I have to keep my Bubba happy and his servants.

la fourchette said...

Mary, thank you...and Bodhi thanks you. "Doudou" - *that's* the word I was looking for! Thank you for that, too! (And yes, he certainly deserves it! As little-white-fluffy dogs go, he's one of a kind.)

Ann, I had the same head-tilting response...that's a whole lotta passion about...breakfast! (no...Bodhi and his lamb do not like oatmeal...in fact, they may have been the culprits for that grafitti! I really have no idea what they get up to while I'm sleeping!)

DSK, I knew you would be relieved...which is why I stayed up late to tell you! ;} Along with oatmeal, Bodhi is not a big ocean lover...loves the sand...not the water. Raised around fountains, you can understand.

Aloha, my friend. Bon chance with the APA conference and any and all of your presentations!


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