Monday, February 07, 2011

A Quick Stock Tip For You!

Soup's on at La Fourchette!

I thought we'd put some base notes in our medley of winter soups with a guest vlog by my friend, Marc Osten.  He hosts Marc's Culinary Compass, a video-blog where you'll see an eclectic array of vids from tips on vegetable gardening (his own garden is the lovely setting for those episodes) to the back-story on hand-pulled noodles in New York City.  He's even introduced a kid-friendly ABC Café, hosted by the charming Miss O. (Olivia Osten...AKA "Cupcake" back in the day.)

Marc and his family lived in Aix for several years, arriving about the same time as me and heading back to the East Coast a couple of years ago.  I've had the pleasure of enjoying some of the most fabulous multi-course dinner parties hosted by Marc and his wife (and my friend), Colleen.  I thought it would be fun to share his passion for food and cooking - and life - directly so I asked him to be a guest at La Fourchette.

À table, tout le monde*!  Please welcome Marc to the kitchen.  I know you'll make him feel right at home.

Merci...mille fois, Marc!  À très bientôt - in one kitchen or another...


*  to the table everyone


leslie said...

Hi leslie,
That was fun. So easy I think I could do it.

donna said...

WOW that was zippy fast!...i think of ALL those Whole Foods chicken bones i have thrown out!!!....a quoi je pensais?....i LOVE his personality....and that finger licking.....i guess we get to be a "certain" age and we truly have a hard time hiding who we are!...stands true with me at least...i will certainly try this one...inexpensive stock!!!

Marc Osten said...

Leslie - Thanks for sharing my stuff with your world.

la fourchette said...

leslie, I'm glad you liked it. You could *definitely* do this. I save the bones from rotisserie chickens from the marché (although I do recommend free range or at least, chemical-free chickens whenever possible) and roast them briefly with the veggies before sending them into the bath. I also stick a handful of cloves (3-6) into the onion halves. Just another take on the richness Marc was talking about...and illustrating.

donna, ahh yes, there's a lot to be said for being 'a certain age' and letting who we are shine through authentically. Definitely give this a try.

Marc, je t'en prie.

Bonne nuit à tous! (Tomorrow's post will be a tad late...I've got a nasty cold and am canceling things left and right and taking life quite slowly. But there will be a post tomorrow! Promise.)


Anonymous said...

Well, good grief! Who knew making stock can be so easy? Thanks Leslie, to you and Marc. Emily

la fourchette said...

Emily, yay you! You finally got through...welcome! And yes, he really does make it look easy-peasy, doesn't he? (Not to mention delicious!)


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Homemade is always wonderful - but I agree with your comment on my blog - buy the Creme Fraiche if you can! : )

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