Saturday, February 05, 2011

Little World Views

The sun's rays are just beginning to do their morning stretches behind the tiled rooftop of the old Eglise Madeleine so we have the promise of another beautiful day...which means I'll still be at this...

One more day should do the trick.  Stop in to see the Sunday blues when they go out on the line to dry.

Bon weekend!

ps... I have a surprise for you in the kitchen on Monday!


*Tasiaa said...

le météo d'aujourd'hui:
not cold, but very windy!!!!

Et a lundi un nouveau recipe!?


Deborah said...

Still chuckling at your command of bathos, the promise of a slanty sun...then the washing.

Photographic talent AND comic timing? Too much...!!

la fourchette said...

*Tasiaa, I hope some of our lingering sunshine and warmth made it up to you on that wind. Tout a fait...Monday there will be a new recipe *and* a surprise.

Deborah, 'command of bathos' - wow, when you put it like that...thanks for the lovely compliment and for sharing your long chuckle. I'm so pleased when people appreciate it...'cuz ya never know. ;}

À demain,

donna said...

i love blues!!!!!....will our monday surprise have anything to do with garlic??

la fourchette said...

donna, me too! But tomorrow's blues are really...just blues...if you know what I mean! You'll see.
As to Monday's surprise...I'm going to leave that a petite surprise...what's life without a bit of that now and then?!

Bonne nuit à tous!

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore this photo... need to paint something like this!!!

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