Friday, February 04, 2011

Little World Views

Laundry day.  'Nuff said. 

Loads of sunshine expected this weekend for laundry each day.  I'll be hanging it all out so stop in and say hello if you have the chance.

Bon weekend à tous!


*Tasiaa said...

Hope the *loads of sunshine* come up to me!!!

Have a nice weekend!


donna said... there are no comments yet....can't leave a girl out there all alone with just her wash.....i'll fold while we chat......hey...i notice little cinnamon pic had laundry too!....growing up we always hung our clothes in the backyard in the calif. sunshine....i miss it.....

la fourchette said...

*Tasiaa, Oh! If only I could 'will' it up there, I would gladly share! A little sunshine that opens up winter coats and has us unwrapping our scarves to turn our faces to the warmth was *exactly* what was needed around here...and *exactly* what we got! Fingers crossed that it begins to stretch.

donna, always good to have company for tasks like this. Thanks! Yes, the cinnamon laundry was what caught my eye...I'm a goofy about laundry images. Other people's laundry, of course. Mine is simply not as charming as anything I see in other peoples' windows. Ain't that always the way...

Bon weekend,

leslie said...

I was going to ask if that was a photo of where you live but I'm guessing not....
Doing laundry in France sounds so romantic. haha.
Have a great weekend

la fourchette said...

leslie, no, you guessed correctly, clever girl. This photo was taken in Antibes. That French effect is magical...I used to tell my sister after a really rough day of being ground up by yet another department of the famous French bureaucracy, "yes, I'm miserable...but I'm miserable in the south of France!" ;}

Bonne nuit à tous! And thanks to all for stopping in...even if it was to peek at laundry.


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