Sunday, February 06, 2011

Little World Views

Tossing a little color in your direction with some Sunday blues.

Is it true?  Is this Super Bowl Sunday in the United States of Football?!

I hope your team wins.

I hope the food is good.

I hope you're not spending the day doing laundry (unless, of course, you want to be). Actually, even doing laundry isn't so bad in the south of France.  I can attest to that.  After all, look how much fun we've had!

Bon dimanche,

ps...Plan to stop in tomorrow and welcome a guest to the kitchen at La Fourchette.


Merula said...

Très mignonne cette fenêtre est son linge bleu
ton chien ressemble à celui que nous avons trouvé cet été et qui a déjà pris tellement de place dans notre vie !

Joop Zand said...

Lovely picture Leslie, i have seen more nice photo's on this blog, so i'll be back later.

greetings, Joop

Beth Kasper said...

Hi, Leslie!

I love clothes line photos!

la fourchette said...

Merula, Bienvenue à La Fourchette. Je te remercie pour tes aimables paroles. Si ton chien est aussi mignon que bodhi, ils doivent partager le prix du plus mignon chien du monde!

Joop Zand, Gosh, thanks for visiting and for the kind words. Visit as often as you like - there will be a chair waiting for you at the table.

Beth Kasper, Thanks! (I, too! Can you tell? I've often wondered what people think of me when I'm shooting their ...err...laundry.) Welcome!

Remember: tomorrow I have a surprise for you all... a little something to mix it up a bit.

à demain!

donna said...

ah yes!!! these WERE the blues i was talking about ( i opted for the art degree ...not the music degree, if you follow)....i love ALL shades of blue....natural, or painted, a splash of vibrant blue in a bucolic picture or painting that catches the eye....and makes me smile...and yes it IS super bowl sunday.....please pass the guacamole......

la fourchette said...

donna, that explains everything. Me? Music degree. mmmmm...guacamole! The one and only reason I would show up to a Super Bowl party...okay...those little cocktail hotdogs that I've only *ever had* at a Super Bowl party might get me there, too...just sayin' would be the food.


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