Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Window on Provence...errr...Paris

Don't you wish you were in Paris...having breakfast at Café de Flore...indulging in a bit of people watching before you settle in with a good book for a few hours...until, say...lunch.

Me too!

What a week this is. I've got a few plates spinning and several things moving from the back burner to the front so this is it for the week.

None of that kitchen-sounding stuff is actually happening in the there was no tart this week...and tomorrow's planned recipe sharing will have to wait. (Although I think it's worth the wait, myself.)

Enjoy a moment of daydreaming in Paris until next week! (Me, I've got to get back to work.)



Tamsie said...

Nice shot. Yes, at 20 below I'd pretty much prefer to be anywhere that's not here right now. Ok, GTIMO and Gaza are not high on my list...but Paris, I could do Paris.

Peter said...

Can't think of anywhere nicer to have breakfast! Have you seen the ad in Longchamp's window in Aix with Kate Moss sitting in Cafe de Flore with her legs wrapped round a charming young man? Tres amusant! Have fun in Paris. Hope the trip is a success.

Anonymous said...

Madame Bodhi's Person,

Well, I have to tell you since it is in the high 70's and low 80's along the coast of Del Mar for the last 5 days, I would prefer to have breakfast here. But thanks for the invite.


Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

Tamsie: Well, when you put it *that* way...yeah, Paris beats 20 below and the "other" 2 G's. Glad you liked the shot...thanks!

Peter: No, no, Baby! I'm not *in* Paris...just *wishing* I you! I've not seen the Longchamp window but I'm headed over there toute de suite...I want to see if Kate Moss wraps her legs round a charming young man differently than I do. I'll report back at a later date on the findings.

Bubba's Person: Okay...that sounds nice, too. You get a pass on this one. Stick with your sandy daydreams scented with the sea. And thanks for stopping in!


Sprocketboy said...

I am distressed to learn that there is no new tart this week. Nor, on a perhaps related topic, any comments about Kate Moss wrapping her legs uniquely around a young man. It was -30C here for most of last week and some of us need things to live for. The training continues apace but at least I am allowed to look at tart pictures.

Great photo of the coffee, however.

la fourchette said...

Sprocketboy: So sorry to disappoint and so very nice of you to stop in for a slice of tart this week. (Or a photo of such!) I've a very big project at hand that is taking my 'petits doigts' away from the kitchen and the keyboard for these days...not to be shared just yet, but hopefully in the days to come. (How's that for building suspense?!)

As to the "leg-wrapping": I'd say my style is similar to hers...'nuff said.

Thanks for the compliment on the photo - always appreciated. I'll shoot for popping a tart in for next week. In the meantime, get back to that training!

Michael said...

Hmmm... leg wrapping? Paris does strange things to people. I know. I watched Charade the other night on YouTube. I found out. They did strange things there with organces perhced under the chin. Then matches. But Tartu has a different feel. Sort of Casablanca with snow? We do sing a lot. But no great tarts!!!!

la fourchette said...

Michael: Ahhh yes, leg-wrapping *and* that oranges-under-the-chin gotta love Paris!

Hard to believe you're lacking great tarts in Tartu: you've got Nico! He must be good for a tart now and fact, I think he did an improvisation on the shallot number a few weeks back! I'll have to put Tartu on my culinary list of places to visit!

Thanks for stopping in! I've been down with the flu. Next year: flu shot...and less burning the candle at both ends...speaking of 'matches'...


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