Friday, May 01, 2009

La Fête du Travail

This seems like a fitting holiday to touch base - this first of May.

It is a "worker's holiday" here and celebrates workers' rights. (In fact, it is one of the handful of days a year on which there is no trash service!)

On this day a flower, either Lily-of-the-Valley or Dogwood blossom, is offered to loved ones - a symbol of good luck. And so I'm offering this traditional flower, the muguet (in fact this day is also referred to as La Fête du Muguet) to you, Dear Readers, as a thank you and for luck, to be sure!

I've appreciated your support and gentle promptings about La Fourchette. In fact, the reason this day seems suited to touching base is because my absence from the kitchen and the blog has been due to a big project which is now finalized and has tossed me into an even bigger project: I have successfully been granted working papers for France. Not an easy feat, let me tell you. I am now able to build my private psychotherapy practice here - after 15+ years of successful private practice in the US. (A work in progress, this new site, and many have encouraged me to post a photo - which needs to be "sans Bodhi", cute as he is - so it will unfold as updated images are created and schedules are set for the calendar.)

All goes well on the new path and I'm navigating the maze that is "the French system" I'll take all of your good wishes with me as I go forward.

As for La Fourchette, she's not hanging up her apron just yet - just stepping out of the kitchen for the time being to be able to focus on getting things in place to make this little French life really float on its own.

I'll touch base as time allows and in the meantime, I send along May Day flowers and all of my best wishes to all.



denise ross said...

Happy Birthday beautiful! I hope you have/had a glorious one. I miss you and think of you often. Did you visit a few months ago? Are you coming back anytime soon? See me.. talk to me. Love and celebrating the goodness of you! Denise

Deborah Truesdell said...


Happy belated birthday!! The big news is indeed big and I am wishing you every success in the new venture! I know blogging is time consuming, but my hope is you will, indeed, continue to pop into the kitchen and favor us with a new recipe or two every now and then! Wishing you a day of peace!


Anonymous said...


I had just popped in to look up one of your recipes and noticed you have posted again! Such exciting news about your project--good luck to you. I am sure you will be of great help to many.

Thank you for keeping your site alive--I frequently rely on it for cooking inspiration.

Happy May!

Anonymous said...

sara marks (now chabot) asked about you on FB this morning, so here i am making sure the link i send it accurate. and there you are! with the same read on your "Stack of Books" even! i'm about half way through _omnivore's dilemma_ now... once again, i adore you a million times over. be well.

charlotte conrad
encinitas, ca

Sprocketboy said...

I am happy for you that you are successfully navigating the shoals of French officialdom, but saddened by the paucity of postings since I have enjoyed them so much. Come back soon, please!

Your May Day photo is nice and soothing; when I lived in Berlin, the locals celebrated by burning police cars.

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