Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bonne Année!

Bodhi wanted me to thank all of those kind readers who have sent email messages and comments asking after him... I decided to send him out today to wish you all a happy new year!

Bonne année!



marc said...

Est-ce que bodi parle français?

la fourchette said...

marc: Beh...bien sûr! (Errrr...Tous sauf que "Viens!" N'importe quelle langue. Mais on va continuer de travailler ensemble et un jour...un jour...)

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Bodhi,

Bonne année! Bonne Sante! You may be the cutest and most loving non-golden retriever in all of France. I think so. Next time you come to America, please come to Bubba's beach and play.

We love you,

Bubba's Person

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie ! Une très belle année 2009 pour tous les deux.

la fourchette said...

Bubba's Person: I've passed on your lovely compliment to Bodhi, "the cutest and most loving non-golden retriever in all of France", yes...*that* Bodhi! And he says thanks for the invitation...but it was mostly polite (he's well-raised, doncha know) because he's not so hot for the water at the seaside. Doesn't like to have his feet wet...unless it's in the tub. Go figure!

Anonymous: Merci beaucoup! We're off to a good start. Wishing you the same.

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