Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Window on Provence

We bid adieu to 2008 today. I love the end of a year.

It offers a rich opportunity for reflection.*

It offers another chance to link potential and possibility...

with experience and wisdom.*

In France, it is bad luck to wish someone a "happy new year" before the year has actually arrived. Once the horns have blasted and the firecrackers have been spent and champagne kisses have been shared to welcome in the new, you can wish friends and loved ones Happy New Year for the entire month of January and still be cool!

In keeping with that spirit, I'll wish you all a "bonne fin d'année" (Happy End of The Year). May you reflect gently upon the year that has passed and look to the mystery that is the year ahead with a sense of hope.


*These two photos are not from Provence but from my life at the edge of the Pacific. Part of my reflection on this New Year's Eve is around the changes that have taken place as my life in Provence took on form and substance. That life in California holds a special place in my heart and the people - no matter the distance, no matter the location on the planet as their own lives have taken on new form and substance - yup...still precious.


Anonymous said...

Please post on the right side of the blog, so it will have some permanence the pic of Bodhi that you sent me. I am sure EVERYONE here would love to see it!!!!!!

Bodhi's Fan & Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

BF&BP: Not the right side...but front and center! (And he sends an affectionate "wouf" your way!

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