Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday Window on Provence

Did I mention that my bicycle had been stolen? No? Happened right under my nose. There it was, locked up to my beautiful hand-made iron staircase on a Saturday night when I took out the poubelle (trash - sounds so much nicer in French, doesn't it?) and on Sunday morning when I descended the very same stairs - poof! It was nowhere in sight! Not a trace of the bicycle nor the lock and chain that had kept it in place.

The good news is that now I know how to file a police report. I guess that's good's all part of the learning curve, non? Next is the insurance but that will have to wait.

In other good news, it seems only fair to update you on the case of the missing spectacles. The fellow that sent them from California to France with no insurance is going to replace them for me. New cool frames and all. It pays to have worked with someone for close to 30 years...and I suppose his response to this is a part of why I've stayed with him for so long. Now that, my friends, is customer service!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve - in whatever manner you celebrate.



Sprocketboy said...

I was very sorry to learn that your bicycle had been stolen--this would have certainly ruined my holiday if it had been mine! I wish you all the best and much joy in 2009! And a new bicycle too...

la fourchette said...

Sprocketboy: Hello - thanks for stopping in! Yes, I imagine had it been *your* bicycle it would have been far more traumatic. (Very cool bicycle(s) you have there, sir.) As for me, I've gotten a bit philosophical about such things of late...the expected movement through the stages of grief, perhaps, but the shock of the initial discovery moved into the "if onlys" and by the time I made the police report and had to describe my sweet little purple bicycle with the basket and silver bell, the sadness got me and for some reason, once the police knew about it, I had a sense of hope that someone would be ringing my sonnet with an announcement that my purple bicycle had been found. But, alas, that hope has dissolved and I'm preparing myself to go to the insurance and figure out how to replace my only wheels. I'll keep you posted. And thanks so much for your good wishes!

Best to you in 2009...and keep up that training!


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