Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wednesday Window on Provence

I've been telling my "California Girl-transplanted-to-Minnesota-by-marriage" sister that it's been really cold here in Aix.

Her: "Is it minus 18º?"

Moi: "Well, no...but it's cold!"

Her: "Shut up."

But today there's proof: It up and snowed in our little ville!

Yes, we all woke up to a silent snowy morning here in the south of France.

I headed out into my little rue to see what the other kids were up to.

Not much action in the cafés... not much of a need for these:

The lovely terraces around town looked quite elegant with their dusting of snow...

...but if you were parked, you got much more than a dusting!

Cours Mirabeau looks like a wonderland all decked out in white...

...but the faithful sentinels at the Palais du Justice aren't having such an easy time of it today.

And through it all, the fountains of this sweet and snowy ville are still singing along.

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday...stay warm!



Peter said...

Il faut prendre un chocolat très chaud tout de suite (si vous pouvez trouver un café qui est ouvert)! Fab photos - Aix in winter wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, Leslie. Makes one long for a steaming bowl of soupe d'oignon. Aix certainly looks different from the way I saw it in September. Stay warm!

la fourchette said...

Peter: Make that a double! And, of course, Happy Days stayed open! Thanks for the kind words...and glad you enjoyed the photos...I thought you might.

Anonymous: Thanks for the lovely compliment. That bowl of soup sounds great right about now. And yes, what a difference dusted with snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it doesn't snow too often in Aix! How beautiful but as much as I'd like to see you I'm glad I'm in SD right now. Love ya, Charlie

Sprocketboy said...

Wonderful photos! We had 20 cm of snow here the day before yesterday but when I go out in the street it looks nothing like this. I should just stay indoors and bake tarts and get fat.

la fourchette said...

Charlie: No, it doesn't snow too often here as a matter of fact. The first winter I was here there was a very snowy afternoon but that was all - and it was beautiful...once I got over the shock of *snow* and dug enough layers of my California wardrobe out to be able to stay warm! This was much more and lasted much longer...the park today is still a snowy field...much of the rest of town...errr...not so pretty today.

Sprocketboy: Thanks for the kind words! I think we may have topped you as we got about 30 cm...but that said...that's *all* we'll probably get this season! You on the other hand...I'm guessing you'll be in for a bit more. (Watch those tarts, monsieur: you're still in training, aren't you?!)


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