Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Le Bon Roi

Good King René was a well-loved character in the history of Provence.  He was responsible for bringing many of the lovely things we enjoy in our little French lives here in Aix:  culture, wine-growing and apparently an all-round good nature.

He was my favorite in the parade...but more for his hypnotic style of dancing in the street.

Oh yeah...he was my very favorite!

Yours in the spin of the good king,


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...I can see why! HA Rather good looking I'd say...the main attraction!

donna said...

in my mind i'm there dancing with him........

la fourchette said...

Kris, definitely the main attraction! {or the 'mane' attraction, given those curls! ;}

donna, he was in his own little world...i suspect we could have all joined him in and it would have taken a fair while for him to notice. {perhaps he was just swept away by the electronic funk music blasting out of the bus just out of view...i don't think they had those kinds of tunes back in his day! ;}

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