Friday, April 13, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

If you live in France, that is!

Yours slammin' into the end of another week...


Anonymous said...

Ha, that's a cute ending! I'd give anything to have breakfast in France. Great image!

Yours also slammin' into I don't know where! HA!

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Where is the fromage? Or at least a little extra butter, or a yogurt? BTW, you are such a tease!! Not all of us have the options for a great croissant in the morning.

Happy weekend,

Bubba's Person

AL said...

Suits me just fine...get the coffee on Leslie, I'll be over soon!

la fourchette said...

whoa! I had no idea I was soooo far behind in responding to your lovely comments. Je m'excuse!! (Et merci, AL!)

Kris, Hope you had a softer landing than me in your 'slammin''! Frankly, I kinda miss bacon and eggs! ;}

BP, you are absolutely correct: cheese or yogurt would round this out perfectly - and more authentically. Clearly not French yet!

AL, As late as I am getting to these comments, that coffee is stone cold. I'll have to start up another pot! (Thanks again!)

sanda said...

Nothing like French croissants and cafe au lait! But I'm with you; sometimes must have bacon and eggs. Throw in a biscuit and that's a feast!!

la fourchette said...

sanda, mmmmm...biscuits! now we're talkin' brunch!! (which, by the way, is now being offered here in France in some of the new fancy-schmancy cafe/brasseries!)

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