Monday, November 03, 2008

Vermont Reflections for Your Monday

Home again in Provence and back in the saddle (if a bit wobbly at first.)

A few reflections going on here and I wanted to share them with you. We'll start with these:

That last one is a bit of a tease. Recognize it?

Yup! You. In the back...I heard that! It's the inside of a tank at the Lincoln Peak Vineyard and Winery in Vermont. Lovely people there. The wine's not bad either! If you're in the neighborhood, stop in to have a taste and say hello.

There are some other reflections going on and La Fourchette is at (ahem) a "fork in the road". I've got a few things cooking in this world of food and may be tweaking your weekly dose of Provence. There is a bit of a revision in the works so while you are out voting (my absentee vote has already been cast!), I'll be here stirring the to speak.



Anonymous said...

I want to move to Vermont!! What a gorgeous place--and beautifully photgraphed as always. Percolate your 'fork inthe road' and chat soon
AnnMarie ;o)

Tamsie said...

Great photos. I thought the tank was a stainless steel urinal - what the heck! Why does fall always look so pretty in photos but feel so depressing to me??? Advent of Winter, ick. Welcome home.

la fourchette said...

Thanks! It is definitely that: a gorgeous place no matter which direction you look. I'll keep you posted as to the "fork in the road" dilemma!

Thanks for the compliment and the warm welcome...but what follows has me wondering just how many stainless steel urinals you've seen in your sweet lifetime? Wait. On second thought,don't answer that. It's okay for sisters to have secrets.

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