Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Window on Provence

Okay...not exactly a window on Provence...but a petit bonjour from another colorful corner of the world: Vermont.

I was lucky to have arrived into a few mild autumn days to explore one of the most beautiful shows of color I've seen!

As the weather turned cold, this tree would lose all of its leaves within the span of a few days!

But even as these leaves began to drop, being drenched in such lovely colors on a drive down country roads is something I wanted to share with you.

Rain yesterday...snow today. It all brings about inevitable change in this lovely landscape. Whew! What a lucky girl to have dropped into the best of the season!

Back next week!


1 comment:

Michael said...

hi ---- we are a bit further along here in Tartu. But it has been a fun autumn so far! Great pics!

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