Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Window On Provence

A few stubborn flakes are hanging on for dear life - or else they're thinking a few extra days in the south of France and its soleil will have them looking as though they'd been hanging with the rich and famous on the beaches of St. Tropez. What-evah.

They may bask by day, but they freeze their little tushes in the sub zero temps at night. This makes for a rather treacherous and slippery trek across the top terrace before bedtime for Bodhi. That's where his toilette box is, you see.

What's that you ask?

Oh. Why yes, in fact, he does pee in a box.

Like a cat.

Like a girl, for that matter.

Shut up.

Back to the demise of our white stuff. Have you ever seen snow melt away in such a lovely manner?

Have you ever seen such a cute dog? What?! No really...Shut up. I'm sure he can hear you and he's...well...sensitive about being teased.

Pffft! No he's not! Just kidding. Does he look sensitive?!

Plan to make a return visit in a couple of days. I've a lovely and healthful winter salad with just the right crunch. (And sweetness if you're feeling deprived!)



Frenchee le Trip said...

I love your fabulous blog! Great to find another of my demographic in the area! Looking forward to following your writing (and doing your soups! they look like just the ticket).


la fourchette said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping in...not to mention the kind words.

You've got quite an adventure going for yourself there! Brava! I'll look forward to following the unfolding.


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