Tuesday, December 29, 2009

La Fourchette 2010 Calendars - Now Available!

La Fourchette is gettin' her little French groove back!

Now you can feast your eyes on the beauty of Provence 365 days a year with a calendar, La Fourchette in Provence - 2010, for only $30.00 US orders - or 25€ if you are ordering in Europe. (Shipping not included*). It's a double whammy: you have a lovely and artfully created mural-style calendar and your purchase supports La Fourchette...on many levels.

Need birthday gift ideas for 2010? Which of your friends or relatives would love a beautiful calendar from France? Why not take advantage of the custom option: Only $10 more, and your 12-month gift calendar will start in the birthday month of your receiver.

Your calender will be 12 by 16.5 inches (29,7x42 cm), printed on quality 250 gram stock (one side only). Each month's page displays a single image. The title page includes a transparent protective cover. This lovely display will hang elegantly from the heavy duty spiral binding and hook. Enjoy a Window on Provence every day of the year!

NOTE: The calendar shown begins in January 2010. Given the timing of the announcement, orders received by ***January 8, 2010*** will have an option for a February 2010 start month, running through January 2011 at no additional charge. Just let me know your preference when you place your order.

Order now - it's easy! Just fire an email to me and I'll send you to PayPal for payment (still working on getting a paypal button up). Once confirmed, the calendar will be heading your way.**

See a sample of the color images for each month below.

La Fourchette in Provence 2010













*$14 shipping to the US

**Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery after order has been made...so order right away!

Bonne fin de l'année (happy end of the year - here in France, it is considered bad luck to wish someone Happy New Year before the year actually arrives...so we'll stretch out the greetings across the bridge),

p.s. Watch for Paris in black and white. It's on its way!


Anonymous said...

OMG..they are so beautiful!
Happy New year my dear long lost GF! I miss you.. I hope your holidays were great!

la fourchette said...

They were simply fab. Thanks...and bonne année back at ya!


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